Ragnarok comes to DS

Korean MMORPG gets a portable offshoot for North American release this winter, courtesy of Xseed.


Mark those calenders. The end of the world is coming this winter, and import house Xseed Games is to blame.

Destroying the world, one loathsome beetle at a time.
Destroying the world, one loathsome beetle at a time.

The publisher today announced that it is prepping Ragnarok Online DS for release later this year in North America. Based on the Korean massively multiplayer online role-playing game Ragnarok Online, the Nintendo DS spin-off will allow up to three players to journey together through randomly generated levels in search of loot.

As in the PC edition of the game, player customization will be a point of emphasis in Ragnarok Online DS, with players able to upgrade armor and weapons either by paying a blacksmith to work on them or by attaching "effect cards" that can be picked up from defeated enemies. Players also earn points for defeating enemies, which can be used to pump up their stats in a variety of job classes, including swordsman, thief, and merchant.

Ragnarok Online DS is being developed by GungHo, maker of PSP games Zero Choaniki and Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star.

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