Rage 2 Doesn't Use idTech, But The Just Cause Engine Instead

Bethesda's upcoming sequel will use a different game engine, it seems.


We've learned a little more about Bethesda's upcoming shooter sequel Rage 2, which is a joint development from id Software and Just Cause studio Avalanche Studios. Someone asked Avalanche boss Christofer Sundberg on Twitter what engine the game will use, and Sundberg responded by confirming it's Avalanche's internal engine that is under the hood.

This was surprising to some, given that the first Rage ran on id Software's own idTech engine. Someone else on Twitter asked Sundberg if Rage 2 would use a combination of Avalanche's engine and the next evolution of idTech, but he did not respond to this.

Avalanche's internal engine sounds very sophisticated and, in the context of Just Cause 3, it allowed for some pretty incredible open-world activities and wackiness to happen. You can watch this YouTube video to see and hear Just Cause 3 developers talk about the Avalanche engine and how it helped make the game bigger and better.

Rage 2 is being billed as a "carnival of carnage ...That's right, this is a f***ing AAAAAA game."

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Bethesda has not yet confirmed a release date for Rage 2; it simply says the game is coming in Spring 2019. The sequel is set after an asteroid kills 80% of the world's population: "Ruthless and bloodthirsty gangs roam the open roads and the tyrannical Authority seek to rule with an iron fist." You play as Walker, "the last Ranger of the wasteland and a threat to [The Authority's] power." Your character is robbed of his home and left for dead, but you must now "rage for justice and freedom."

Bethesda stated we'll see new Rage 2 gameplay at the company's E3 press conference, which is set for 6:30 PM PT / 9:30 PM ET on June 10. The company recently teased that the showcase might be its longest one ever, although beyond Rage 2, we know little else about what will be included.

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