Radical unveils Prototype

Latest issue of <i>Game Informer</i> takes wraps off of studio's new hyperviolent free-roaming action game coming to 360, PS3 in 2008.

It's all in the hoodie.
It's all in the hoodie.

In 2005, Radical Entertainment gave Big Green his due in The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. The well-received Grand Theft Auto-esque open-world action game dropped players into the raging green giant's shoes (if he wore any) and turned them loose to sate their appetite for destruction.

Taking the free-roaming destruction concept to its logical next step, Radical revealed its next project in the August edition of Game Informer. Titled Prototype, Radical's newest is a hyperviolent action game that follows the exploits of Alex Mercer, who has acquired superhuman abilities as the result of a science experiment gone awry.

Radical's unique twist on the Grand Theft Auto style of play is that as Mercer kills people, he absorbs their memories, abilities, and appearance. As a result, players gain the ability to shapeshift into any one they've absorbed, and they also gain knowledge and skills. Absorbing dead foes and innocent bystanders alike also augments Mercer's biomass, making him stronger and giving him the ability to morph his body into a weapon or harden his skin in defense.

Surf's up.
Surf's up.

Prototype will use Radical's proprietary fourth-generation Titanium game engine. The game takes place in Manhattan, and depending on whether players employ brute force or stealth tactics in the game, the city either acts as a labyrinthine maze or becomes a decimated warzone.

Prototype will also feature online two-player co-op, where players each use their own version of Mercer. In online games, players will be able to tag-team to use special moves and powers.

According to Game Informer, Prototype will take to the streets in 2008 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However, the ever-astute retail radar spotted a GameStop product page for a PC version. Radical had not returned a request for comment as of press time. The game has not yet been rated, though given the subject matter, an M for Mature seems all but assured.

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