Radical prepping Wii port, 'open world' title

[UPDATE] Crash Bandicoot studio posts job ads for two potentially related positions to work on Nintendo's console; Activision confirms "no plans to bring Prototype to the Wii."


Radical Entertainment is a developer that operates on both sides of the Entertainment Software Rating Board's spectrum. On the one hand, the Canadian studio has crafted such family-friendly titles as Crash of the Titans. On the other hand, Radical's latest game, the open-world actioner Prototype, sees players cutting a swath of destruction through New York City.

Looks like Prototype won't be coming to the Wii any time soon.
Looks like Prototype won't be coming to the Wii any time soon.

That being said, new job listings on Activision's Web site indicate that Radical Entertainment may be considering bringing its hyperviolent action game Prototype to Nintendo's family-friendly console. First, the developer is currently seeking a senior Wii programmer to handle systems and rendering for a Wii port of an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game.

"Work with other rendering and systems programmers, designers, and artists to take game features from concept to execution for a port of a 360/PS3 game to the Wii," reads the job description for the senior Wii programmer position at Radical. The senior Wii programmer's other duties are to "port systems and rendering from the PS3 and 360 to the Wii console," "implement any architectural changes required by platform differences between Wii and PS3/360," and "optimize memory and performance for the Wii."

Radical is also on the lookout for a Wii gameplay designer with an "affinity for third-person 'open-world' camera design/functionality." However, no other pertinent details are associated with the Wii gameplay designer job req, opening up the possibility that the two jobs are not related to one another.

Currently, Radical's only announced project is Prototype, which is expected to ship for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on June 9. However, in April, Variety reported that Radical had been tasked with creating a game in Activision's Spider-Man franchise--several installments of which have been open-world. Also of note, as part of its "streamlining" of Vivendi Games last July, Activision said that it would be adding Radical's Crash Bandicoot franchise to its stable of games. Activision had not returned requests for comment on the job listing as of press time.

[UPDATE] Activision has officially crossed off at least one game from the possible projects Radical is bringing to the Wii. "I can confirm that we have no plans to bring Prototype to the Wii," an Activision representative told GameSpot.

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Avatar image for Dizzzyness

Id they can pull this off then hopefully one day gears of war *wii edition* will come out.i dont care if they tone down the graphics as much as they did with cod 4 mw reflex.i'm buying.

Avatar image for Wiiwillrocku360

High Voltage software would make great developers for a [PROTOTYPE] Wii game. The Wii isn't a console for kids, it's got some good gorey games. ex. Madworld, No More Heroes.

Avatar image for Pices

@fps_d0minat0r Not necessarily, despite the fact that the majority of all multiplatform games are better on ps3/360/pc, Sonic Unleashed , Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Rock Band, etc. are considered better on the Wii. @elcapodewilde I can tell you pretty much that the Wii has hardcore games for hardcore players. Graphics don't make the game better. Remember Sonic 06? Ya

Avatar image for elcapodewilde

Prototype is for hardcore consoles (xbox360,ps3) and pc, not for the Wii with respect its not a high end superior console for kick ass games like this.

Avatar image for Gorthin

sucks prototype looks so cool

Avatar image for P_R_E_Y

To be honest I don't think Prototype would work on a Wii. Graphically possible, cause Prototype hardly has graphics of the year, but mechanically it wont. Mind you if they were to pull it off, the Wii could surely use it, the Wii is taking the Family friendly too seriously and are releasing crap games to say the least. Prototype will be Awsome, but i dunno about on the Wii, if they are release it that is :P And i agree with Shani_boy101 if you are going to make a new Crash bandicoot it needs to back deep into its roots, cause right now its like sonic. They are releaseing bad games just too keep the francise going. Stupid and pointless and not the best thing to do. I do say but, kill off the blue hedgehog, unless you start releasing a game for once. But even at that i think he is past his sell by date.

Avatar image for shani_boy101

someone really needs to resurrect the Crash Bandicoot series to its former Playstation 1 glory. thankfully Sony still lets you play PSone games on the current PS3 consoles (which i have) so i can still play them. Seriously though, Crash Bandicoot at the moment is a steaming pile of an elephants diarrhea droppings. Naughty Dog said (when Crash was falling) that they wanted to make an open-world Crash Bandicoot game as their first PS2 outing, something like that when open-world was getting on its feet would have been a great idea. Give Crash back to Naughty Dog!!!

Avatar image for thunderhorse55

@payback7: ok, I see your point. i really haven't seen any quality rpg's on the wii either. i think that would be pretty sweet though. I was excited for crystal chronicles, but that turned out bad, and that's the only one I can think of. overlord: dark legends is coming out soon, but idk if that's gonna be rpg-ish or not :/

Avatar image for Payback7

@thunderhorse55 - true the DS has alot of great RPG's. Maybe I should stop being so picky! hehe But I'm really after RPG's on consoles. Yes handheld RPG's are great, but I really prefer them on the consoles and big screens! hehe I've already played my fair share on the DS (Magical starsign, FF3, The World ends with you, Phantom hourglass and some more I think) but yeah I'm really wanting some innovative RPG's on the Wii - THINK OF THE POTENTIAL!! :P

Avatar image for ico92

i didnt even read the article i just saw "nintendo's family friendly console" thats a little insulting especially after games like .no more heroes .deadly creatures .tenchu .madworld people still use that word

Avatar image for Malhound

Its the beginning of a Hannah Montana and Prototype game on all Platforms.

Avatar image for Sepewrath

So it must be that Spiderman game then, hope to get maybe some kind of announcement at E3. At least its not some port of like Hulk Ultimate Destruction or some other PS2 game.

Avatar image for thunderhorse55

@payback7: take the DS. nintendo RPG's. some of the Final Fantasy's are ports, yes, but what about stuff like Avalon Code (don't believe gamespot's review, it's a very fun game), The Dark Spire, Phantom Hourglass, the Pokemon games? all on nintendo's DS, all good stuff, all RPG's (from what i've read, heard, or played).

Avatar image for Marcster1994

Prototype could've been good with the wii. A lot of the powers seem to work ok with the Wii but developers don't see the real potential of the Wii

Avatar image for Payback7

@madmangamer364 - so true mate. I've been screaming for more RPG's on the Wii - hell any Nintendo home console for years. Nintendo needs more RPG's in my opinion. But yes, as you were saying the developers need to get their act together and stop trying to make games on the Wii just cause it has the most hardware out there. They should be making games that suit the Nintendo's different 'personalitly'. I just want more RPG's. Looks like it's back to Fallout 3 on my trusty PC. :) Until you get more RPG's Nintendo you won't be getting many sales from me.

Avatar image for SicklySunStorm

@madmangamer364 - rant acknowledged. I concur. lol Especially about "It's not as if this has been anything new the past few years (or gens, for that matter, if we REALLY want to talk about third party developers on Nintendo systems)".... ha ha. So true. How bad were about 70% of the N64s games? They really dragged the quality ones down

Avatar image for Madmangamer364

"Work with other rendering and systems programmers, designers, and artists to take game features from concept to to the Wii," Am I the only one that sees the problem with this description? When will developers realize that Wii owners aren't looking for PS3 or Xbox 360 games? Most people purchased the Wii because they KNEW it was going to provide a different experience, and yet, developers insist on trying to bring those same tried-and-true ideas and make them work on the Wii. Instead of looking for experienced Wii porting programmers, why not look for a group of talented developers who are actually capable of getting a successful and appealing Wii game off of the ground? At least then, you have a chance of creating a stand-out title. I fail to understand the mentality of Wii developers these days. Either they insist on creating uninspired copycats of successful games, whether they be on Wii or another system, or they try to make a game that just doesn't fit the system to begin with. There are so many gaps that third party developers could be trying to fill, and oddly enough, very few games that are actually trying to fill the void. And during a time where Nintendo has been producing solid, but definitely not must-have games, this should have been an ideal time to see a few projects actually take off from someone other than the Big N. In any case, let me end this rant. It's not as if this has been anything new the past few years (or gens, for that matter, if we REALLY want to talk about third party developers on Nintendo systems), and from the look of things, it could be this way for a while longer still. :|

Avatar image for rgame1

haven't they learnt wii ports dont sell, except if they r good like RE4

Avatar image for Nomad0404

It'll be another cruddy Spiderman game

Avatar image for thunderhorse55

if there's no Prototype, you know what I would wanna see? a Halo 3 port. that would be awesome. also what about street fighter 4 or soul calibur 4? banjo kazooie? what about MGS? im not saying I would buy any of these games on the wii, but I'd be interested to see what goes down with them

Avatar image for fps_d0minat0r

its not like it would have been good on wii anyway..... just like all other multiplatforms, this would have sucked on the wii too compared to PS3 PC and xbox.

Avatar image for 3DSilent

HappyBB, alright so its not cool its fun though and this game is going to be awesome.

Avatar image for HappyBB

Does this game really look that "cool"!? It's ultra-violent and it depicts violence and gore to an extent!! Call me old fashion or conservative, but I don't think excessive blood flying out, decapitation, dismemberment of body parts, and gruesome ways of killing are "cool"!

Avatar image for flyingteddy

id say you'd need to be a sh*t hot programmer to port a ps3 game effectively to the Wii. hope the wage is good.

Avatar image for deactivated-57fce817a4cf5

Developers wont be starting any new mature titles for Nintendo's consoles. Both us and developers have seen the awful sales that they produce. It is a shame but those are the facts. Prototype wouldn't sell well on the Wii.

Avatar image for AlphaCommando

Prototype not coming out on the Wii? We have a decent game.

Avatar image for gameking5000

That type of game with Motion controls on the Wii wouldn't be a bad combo

Avatar image for Pete5506

Thats to bad, I think prototype on the Wii would be fun

Avatar image for Mikethechimp

Watch out Nintendo. Karma's coming back around to bite you in the ass.

Avatar image for Briantb_2008

not surpised that it isn't coming to the wii, it just dosen't have what it takes to handle on the wii.

Avatar image for timster0

The Wii has more family-friendly games then the other systems, but it still has some not so family-friendly games like No More Heroes, COD, MOH, Mad World, Manhunt, The Godfather ect. Don't forget that The Conduit is comming out next month as well.

Avatar image for paperwarior17

Aw, Prototype looks cool. One more reason to get a 360 or PS3, I suppose.

Avatar image for uberjannie

@fleetmenace : it has less violent games :) I like the wii, smash bros brawl and super mario galaxy was awesome.

Avatar image for fleetmenace

@uberjannie: are you saying its family friendly because it has family friendly games. because if you are so does the 360 and ps3

Avatar image for uberjannie

@hatieshorrer : here in europe ghostbusters is an PS exclusive.. read about the other day.. So no 360, pc or wii release for me.

Avatar image for uberjannie

@fleetmenace : but it IS family friendly :P

Avatar image for hatieshorrer

@LtReviews Yeah Im with you take GhostBusters on the X360 and PS3 it looks exactly like the people from the movies but, on the Wii it looks like poor claymations of the cast but Ive know the Wii is capable of better because I have games that look better and games ported from last gen that look better.

Avatar image for fleetmenace

you know gamespot is not helping wii's image as a serious gaming console by calling it family-friendly

Avatar image for Shadow_Fire41

i never said the Wii is bad, i own one, and i love it, and i to am sad at the lack of mature games on it, as well as the lack of games on it for Hardcore gamers.

Avatar image for undergroundfrog


Avatar image for xXEpicSn0wmanXx

That is kind of funny the wii is for children in my view but to other people it is not prototype deserves to go on consoles that have gory game the wii has a couple but not much

Avatar image for LtReviews

Hehe, so, basicly the first job listed was to get someone who can make 360 and PS3 games technically inferior, so that the wii can handel it. Porting a game over to wii can be a bit dicey, the Nintendo is better off with games actually designed for the wii.

Avatar image for SephireX

What do you expect but a cheap port to z wii. z wii just can't handle z power of z prototype.

Avatar image for Unkoil666

I wish they would create something SIMILAR to Prototype that is Wii-specific, rather than just port-down the PS3/360 game. A dark, anti-hero, sandbox game that utilizes Wii Motion+ could be amazing if done right.

Avatar image for Tebbit

Hey, I remember when crash bandicoot didn't suck, NyGin07 Something about... a change in developers... or... something? Good times indeed.

Avatar image for brendanhunt1

any crash bandicoot coming soon

Avatar image for NyGin07

hey, remember when crash bandicoot didnt suck? good times

Avatar image for lil_luz_10

wait!!! you mean to tell me i can do the peoples elbow onto a tank like in the videogame with my wii remote!!!???

Avatar image for chappy_man

prototype to the wii would have been interesting. but betting on it spider man is very likely

Avatar image for RonTorque

I will be fun to chop people with Alex using the Wii-mote

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