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Radical prepping Wii port, 'open world' title

[UPDATE] Crash Bandicoot studio posts job ads for two potentially related positions to work on Nintendo's console; Activision confirms "no plans to bring Prototype to the Wii."


Radical Entertainment is a developer that operates on both sides of the Entertainment Software Rating Board's spectrum. On the one hand, the Canadian studio has crafted such family-friendly titles as Crash of the Titans. On the other hand, Radical's latest game, the open-world actioner Prototype, sees players cutting a swath of destruction through New York City.

Looks like Prototype won't be coming to the Wii any time soon.
Looks like Prototype won't be coming to the Wii any time soon.

That being said, new job listings on Activision's Web site indicate that Radical Entertainment may be considering bringing its hyperviolent action game Prototype to Nintendo's family-friendly console. First, the developer is currently seeking a senior Wii programmer to handle systems and rendering for a Wii port of an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game.

"Work with other rendering and systems programmers, designers, and artists to take game features from concept to execution for a port of a 360/PS3 game to the Wii," reads the job description for the senior Wii programmer position at Radical. The senior Wii programmer's other duties are to "port systems and rendering from the PS3 and 360 to the Wii console," "implement any architectural changes required by platform differences between Wii and PS3/360," and "optimize memory and performance for the Wii."

Radical is also on the lookout for a Wii gameplay designer with an "affinity for third-person 'open-world' camera design/functionality." However, no other pertinent details are associated with the Wii gameplay designer job req, opening up the possibility that the two jobs are not related to one another.

Currently, Radical's only announced project is Prototype, which is expected to ship for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on June 9. However, in April, Variety reported that Radical had been tasked with creating a game in Activision's Spider-Man franchise--several installments of which have been open-world. Also of note, as part of its "streamlining" of Vivendi Games last July, Activision said that it would be adding Radical's Crash Bandicoot franchise to its stable of games. Activision had not returned requests for comment on the job listing as of press time.

[UPDATE] Activision has officially crossed off at least one game from the possible projects Radical is bringing to the Wii. "I can confirm that we have no plans to bring Prototype to the Wii," an Activision representative told GameSpot.

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