Radiata Stories site now live

The all-new fantasy RPG from Square Enix will be shown at this year's Tokyo Game Show.


TOKYO--Square Enix has opened a Web site for Radiata Stories, its recently announced all-new fantasy RPG. The game is being coproduced with Tri-Ace, best known as the developers of the RPGs Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean, and it will be shown at this month's Tokyo Game Show.

The teaser site, done in Flash animation, starts out with a blank white screen with three lines of text, and then switches to a picture of what seems to be a tower surrounded by trees. The three lines of text translate into English as follows:

"There was a boy who wanted to become a Knight."
"There was a girl whose duty was to become a Knight."
"Their encounter was merely prologue to the story that's about to begin."

Radiata Stories is slated for release on the PlayStation 2 in spring 2005. More details on the game will be disclosed on the Web site on September 10.

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