Rad-Looking Game Combines FPS And Block-Building

Block N Load is launching in 2015 for PC; beta kicks off next month.


Jagex Games Studio, the UK developer behind Runescape and Transformers Universe, today announced its next game, and it is something entirely different. Called Block N Load, it's an online multiplayer game that combines first-person shooter elements with block-building.

"Brains are as important as bullets," Jagex writes about the game. That's because not only will you need to fend off enemies by shooting them, but you'll also need to strategically construct defensive positions to keep your enemies at bay.

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Jagex also says that Block N Load features destructible multiplayer environments that can change dramatically during the course of battle, a la modern Battlefield games. You'll be able to choose from six unique heroes, including weapons-obsessed robot Cogwheel; a deadly ninja named O.P. Juan Shinobi; or Doctor Eliza Doolally, who "shuns ethics in favor of applied chemistry."

On top of their abilities, each character can use a variety of weapons, including mines, force fields, bounce pads, glue tiles, turrets, and "giant bombs."

Block N Load's unique set up aims to create an experience that "demolishes preconceptions of first-person shooters." The game is in development for PC and will launch through Steam in 2015.

A beta for the game will begin in December, and you can register now at the Block N Load website.

"We've been building Block N Load for a while now, and we're immensely excited by how the game is shaping up. Block N Load represents a true departure from the type of games that Jagex is known for; it's not browser-based, it's not free-to-play, and it's not an MMO," Block N Load VP David Solari said in a statement.

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