Rachet & Clank Future a week closer to present

Dynamic duo's PS3 debut will start appearing in <i>some</i> stores a week before its "official" release date.


In late September, Sony and Insomniac Games mildly frustrated many PlayStation 3 owners by announcing that Rachet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction was delayed by a week. This week, they mildly pleased those same gamers by quietly revealing that it will be arriving at some locations a full seven days before its release date.

"The official date is still set for October 30," a Sony rep said of the game. "However, the game manufacturing is complete and some retailers have already gotten their games in. They can start selling the game as early as the 23rd."

While this dual-tiered release strategy may frustrate retailers, it will delight those eager to play Rachet & Clank Future. The mischievous duo's PS3 debut sees the pair set loose in the space-age city of Metropolis, which is invaded by an alien race. The extraterrestrial invaders are in search of the final specimen of the Lombax species--which just happens to be Ratchet. Humorous platforming action ensues.

Rachet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is rated E10+ for Everyone 10 Years or Older, and will retail for $59.99. It is one of a series of PS3 exclusives Sony is hoping will boost flagging sales of its console this holiday season, and a free demo of the game is currently available on the PlayStation Store.

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ive played dis game, and its fully sik, but its a solid game 4 younger kids, but far 2 easy 4 older gamers, and another bad thing is theres no multiplayer! but don't let that get u down its still awesome

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"GEMINIVice I played a previous R&C game for the PS2 (can't remeber which one it was). Judging from that experince, I say this one is going to do good. I'm not getting it though, waiting on the titles being released in 2008." Never playe Rachet and Clank, I bought a PS2 way back when for GTA San Andreas. I've also played God of War and bought Urban Reign. I don't know I just I guess it never has been on my radar. Never played Ratchet and Clank

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killzone has no character devlopment also gta has none and ratchet and clank no has none

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I'm getting a bit sick of games with non-stories with generic characters and scenarios. We need more games like Ratchet and Clank, Metal Gear Solid, Jak and Daxter, GTA etc. Even if your making a fps make it like killzone with character development and story. We need games like films!!!

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not as excited about this than assassins creed though.

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have all of the r&c games not about to stop now. gettin a ps3 at christmas cant wait

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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dont believe gamespots review see ign, 1up and game trailers not 1 of them has rated r&c bellow 9 out of 10, how the hell did gamespot get 7.5???? bias towards a certain system anyone????

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Can't wait to get my hands on the next gen version of Rachet & Clank. :D

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I never played a Ratchet & Clank game before but i played the demo for this game and it's one of the few next gen games I'm really excited about (Other games include Folklore, Assassin's Creed, Little Big Planet, Star Ocean 4, Super Mario Galaxy), can't wait to get it.

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If you noticed most of the crappy titles released until now are NOT developed by japanese studio, period. My stomach turned when I saw the PS3 section at Bestbuy. I love my PS3 but I am suffering right now, hopefully some good ones will come up pretty soon.

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I never play Rachet & Clank games before but today I play the first time at my friends house and men this game is AWESOME. Insomniac Games did it again. Rachet & Clank Tools of Destruction is a great example to all developers that what PS3 can do IF IF IF they work little bit harder as they do on X360 games. Infect this game is so fun to play that I planned to buy PS3 with release of MGS4 but this game change my mind. PS3 is finally coming back and I BELIEVE.

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i agree --everyone is so much into thinking all games need to be first person shooters and online ready--i am not into fps and online just isnt my cup-of-tea so to speak--these people get on here saing online play is the future and stuff i sy who are they to speak for me--i like to play games by myself or with friends here in person--online isnt what i say fun but thats just me as alot of others out there as well--if every game out there would be fps type games then my money would no longer go in sonys or miicrosofts pockets(yes i got ps3 and 360--not rich just work alot to get what i want)--- .. .. just like they got on here saying a hd-dvd add-on has sold for each xbox360 out there--cant be true--i dont got one--will soon but not yet-- -- -- but i love the other ratchet and clank games and i am sure this one will be no different..

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kool..hopefullyin my area then

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I own R&C 1, Going Commando, and Up Your Arsenal. I would love to get this game, seeing how those three just kept getting more awesome every sequel. Hopefully this game will see my library sometime in the future.

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trenken. "Basically like 90% of the games on this system are either crapy exclusives or weak ports." Not true. Out of the 80 some games available, about 50 of those are rated "good" and up. 45% or so are 8 and up. That's a pretty solid lineup, my friend. Still, I'm not about to complain about more quality titles.

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Loved the demo. Hope it gets good review. Hell, and 8.0 would be a big deal for the PS3. Basically like 90% of the games on this system are either crapy exclusives or weak ports.

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I don't care what it is, I just want either stuff to blow up, and kill people with a spring loaded blade in my wrist after jumping from building to building

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Finally something other than a FPS!

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yeah, the demo was decent. Idunno why it seems like everybody needs for every game to be a FPS with online features. God forbid we have variety. The world is saturated enough with those MP online shooters already...if you can't find one you like then you are too picky. We need more games like this, that focus on story, and character.

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Dissapointment? Have some fun in life, not every game has to be a hardcore shooter with blood and gore now does it? Looks ace frankly.

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here comes another sony dissapointment

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I played a previous R&C game for the PS2 (can't remeber which one it was). Judging from that experince, I say this one is going to do good. I'm not getting it though, waiting on the titles being released in 2008.

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I'll buy a copy of this Game!! The demo was really fun!!

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Demo was great. Looking forward to playing through the full game. Insomniac is such a fantastic developer and this looks to be the best thing they've done yet!

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this is one fun demo. i bet the game is gonnna rock.

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dude i seriously can't wait. i'm burning up just waiting for it. i'm going to buy a ps3 just so i can play this game (and mgs4, hehe)

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mastertimx I agree with you there. This game is much better than anything else coming out this year to me. I have been waiting for this for ages and I cannot wait to find out what R&C get up to and what great wepons are in store for this game in HD!!!!!!

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wot a game

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best game series ever IMO. all 5 were great and this one will be no exception. i will buy this day 1 and forget all else until i beat it. then i'll play it again for the bonus's and continued weapons from the 1st play through. this is my game of the year, not halo 3, not metroid prime 3, not even uncharted ( which looks so awesome) but this will be my favorite game period.

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this will be maybe the best game this year for the ps3

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tools really is going to make ps3 cravers move another step towards a ps3.

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I played the demo online and was really pleased with what I saw. Having played all of the previous installments I'd have to agree with truenextgen and say that the game looks above par for this series. Can't wait til' it comes out and most likely won't be buying until the 30th anyway because THERE'S NO LIST OF RETAILERS! Can't complain I'm sure we'll figure it out somewhere...

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indeed, how do we know which retailers will get it early, I manage an independant game store and I know we wont get it till at least the 30th.

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would be nice to have a list of stores that will have it this coming week.

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Im telling you as a man that thinks platforming is stupid, or the 90s version of it was. This Action Adventure/platform/Story driven, game is one of the best games I have played. At least the first few were, and so far this one looks to be good to. I played the demo, and its above par for the series.

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I've never played these games, but I guess they are great games since people are so excited about them O_O - I dont like playing a squirrell/lynx thing - but maybe i should try.

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ratchet and clank rock!!!!8D

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I would get it. If it had online. Haze and UT3 will do me fine.

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I haven't played any Ratchet games yet, so I didn't know what to expect. But from the demo and other videos I have seen, I will be definately getting this one. The rest of the year will be good for Sony with Haze and Uncharted (And mayber Unreal if it doesn't get delayed) and all the other multiplatform games like Call of Duty 4 and Assassin's Creed. And then in 2008 there will be a flood of PS3 exclusives with games like Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Final Fantasy 13. I think Ratchet will be the beginning of the awesome PS3 exclusive flood. BTW I bet this will at least get an 8.5 seeing how good Insomniac's track record is.

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When the hell are the review coming out??!!

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Can't wait for this game... I'll be checking out Best Buy on the 24th.

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i wonder what review it will get, 7.0? 8.5? 10??

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Who cares about the retailers, I want the Game already, I will be at Gamestop the 24th as soon as it opens.

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A great game? of course it is! but it wont raise the console sales that much ... Halo 3 has raised the X360 sales not just because it's a superb game! it's also a FPS MultiPlayers game which are the most popular these days ... and because of the hype ... well Sony have to wait for MGS4 and FFXIII.

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thats great

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I hope somebody near me gets it in early because I can't wait.

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That is kind of unfair to some retailers...

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Fantasic game!! i played the demo to many times..