Rachet & Clank Future a week closer to present

Dynamic duo's PS3 debut will start appearing in <i>some</i> stores a week before its "official" release date.


In late September, Sony and Insomniac Games mildly frustrated many PlayStation 3 owners by announcing that Rachet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction was delayed by a week. This week, they mildly pleased those same gamers by quietly revealing that it will be arriving at some locations a full seven days before its release date.

"The official date is still set for October 30," a Sony rep said of the game. "However, the game manufacturing is complete and some retailers have already gotten their games in. They can start selling the game as early as the 23rd."

While this dual-tiered release strategy may frustrate retailers, it will delight those eager to play Rachet & Clank Future. The mischievous duo's PS3 debut sees the pair set loose in the space-age city of Metropolis, which is invaded by an alien race. The extraterrestrial invaders are in search of the final specimen of the Lombax species--which just happens to be Ratchet. Humorous platforming action ensues.

Rachet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is rated E10+ for Everyone 10 Years or Older, and will retail for $59.99. It is one of a series of PS3 exclusives Sony is hoping will boost flagging sales of its console this holiday season, and a free demo of the game is currently available on the PlayStation Store.

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What! Ratchet and Clank by next week! Too awesome!

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Damn! I'm a European guy and our PS-store doesn't yet have that demo...

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Well they delayed it a week after it went gold for what seems to be no reason so this isn't suprising to me. I loved the demo and am eagerly awaiting this title.

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I might get a PS3 just for this game.

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that was a fun demo, but kind of short, especially for all the space it took up

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SMT_Dante1989 wrote: R&C games ARE platformers. They just have a good bit more shooting action than other platformers, so they're something like Action-Platformers or something. I would consider it an action game with platforming sprinkled in it, but feel it should be categorized as an action game and be referred to as one. Whatever, no big deal.

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Yeah, Link, you could just be mistaken on the meaning of Platformers or something, becasue R+C are plaform games.

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I cannot wait for this. Pre-ordered and awaiting it impatiently!

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R&C games ARE platformers. They just have a good bit more shooting action than other platformers, so they're something like Action-Platformers or something.

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this is an incredible game. the animations are amazing and the gameplay is superb, I already pre-ordered mine.

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ColoradoKindBud wrote: And to the guy below who is claiming that the R & C games aren't platformers, you obviously haven't played them. Obviously, I have played them because I just made a comment about them.:roll:

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I've gotta say, the demo was pretty fun. Groovitron orb anyone?

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Great news! The demo was incredible. This game may actually give Mario Galaxies a run for it's money as far as the "must have" platformer of the year. And to the guy below who is claiming that the R & C games aren't platformers, you obviously haven't played them.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Platformer my a**, but a game to look foward to for PS3 owners. Looks good.

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is it just me or does the cover look like the poster for the bourne ultimatum??? lol anyway ive actually never played a rachet & clank game for more than 5 minutes but this game is freakin frun im picking it up

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I've been saying it for weeks: I can't wait to get my hands on this game! The demo was simply stunning, amazing!

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Hopefully if games like Haze and Uncharted don't get pushed until next year and turn out great then I'll be making an extremely happy PS3 purchase before chrimbo. Shame about the HOME delay though.

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This is great news for all PS3 owners.

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After all the grim shades in shooters lately it will be nice to get sucked into a colorful next-gen platformer world. And you still get the good shooter elements with R&C. Can't go wrong with Insomniac.

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WOOOOOOOO, RATCHET AND CLANK ARE BACK, thank god, gladiator was soooo weak!

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i wounder if the review will be up today but it will probobly be up on the 22nd

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this game is the reason I bought the PS3, Rachet and Clank is one of my all time favorite game franchises.

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Finally a reason to get a PS3.

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Cool game. Won't be getting it right away, have to get 3 other games in November (COD4, Rock Band, Uncharted) Hopefully some time early next year I will be able to pick it up.

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played the demo... alot of fun!

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mad_tyger check EB games/gamestop they are getting it for sure

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Geez, they should have just released it on the 23rd!!!! That sucks, because we never get games in on time where I'm at, now I gotta wait a full week!

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Temmehkan - Me too. I can't wait for this game.

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Excellent. :twisted:

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Wait!!! Isnt this supposed to be Sony's platformer? compete with crash and mario? Then why? why? is it rated E 10+? just a little notice there...y would they do that...but i am still looking forward to this game

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Looks damn nice. And of course a game selling before it's "release" date is always good too.

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This will be the first good game for my PS3. After playing the demo I feel confident saying that. Luckily I've taken advantage of Bluray since day 1 or else it would have just sat a year and collected dust.

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i reserved it today, can;t wait to get it