Rachet & Clank Future a week closer to present

Dynamic duo's PS3 debut will start appearing in <i>some</i> stores a week before its "official" release date.


In late September, Sony and Insomniac Games mildly frustrated many PlayStation 3 owners by announcing that Rachet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction was delayed by a week. This week, they mildly pleased those same gamers by quietly revealing that it will be arriving at some locations a full seven days before its release date.

"The official date is still set for October 30," a Sony rep said of the game. "However, the game manufacturing is complete and some retailers have already gotten their games in. They can start selling the game as early as the 23rd."

While this dual-tiered release strategy may frustrate retailers, it will delight those eager to play Rachet & Clank Future. The mischievous duo's PS3 debut sees the pair set loose in the space-age city of Metropolis, which is invaded by an alien race. The extraterrestrial invaders are in search of the final specimen of the Lombax species--which just happens to be Ratchet. Humorous platforming action ensues.

Rachet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is rated E10+ for Everyone 10 Years or Older, and will retail for $59.99. It is one of a series of PS3 exclusives Sony is hoping will boost flagging sales of its console this holiday season, and a free demo of the game is currently available on the PlayStation Store.

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The games graphics are like a CGI movie, no Joke. i Just hope the stores get it on the 23rd

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Once it avalable in my coutry, i'll do all i can to get it ASAP.

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I'll get it ASAP.

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I wondered if they would do a limited release with games, like they do with arthouse films.

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a week early? I'm very pleased. But, i chuckle... they still can't land a damned release date at Sony. Delayed this early that.... yada yada..... gimme!!!

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Can't wait for this game.

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the fact that some stores get it earlier leaves us with an interesting predicament. demand will grow, but retailers will be somewhat upset that they were not given equal treatment. gamestop is the sort of chain that would brag about the situation, and that is liable to frustrate and upset other big-name stores. surely this isn't a common occurence.

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For people who don't know the "some" stores are EB games/Gamestop/Software etc, that chain of stores gets it this week

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I want this game.

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Guess I gotta finish Folklore earlier than I planned.

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After playing the amazing demo i GOTTA buy this game!

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Since I plan on picking this up, the sooner the better I say.

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this is why i bought a PS3, Finally a decent game

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Ummmmmmmmmm, anyone who thinks this game is gonna bring in a lot of sales for the PS3 is sadly mistaken. this game isn't really that big of a title compared to a lot others coming out. so yeah, sorry to disappoint

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the flood gates are about to let loose for sony, and this is its flagship (if folklore wasnt)

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well the ps3 needed this game. if it was pushed back, the ps3 would be in more hot water. actually boiling water. you'd prolly still be able to play the ps3 in boiling water, i mean its built to last (unlike a 360)...

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Which stores? I really want this game, the sooner the better.

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jack and daxter is better but rachet and clank is awesome too

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this is good place to show << LINK REMOVED >> type that in and it talks about how the ps3 is better than the 360. thats annoying how its done and we cant get it.

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ratchet and clank is one of my favorite games on ps2.........cant wait for it on ps3

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Good news. Can't wait for this game. A week earlier is nice.

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Sony is going to have a great end of the year with this game, uncharted, and assassins creed, and a great 2008 year with other exclusive games that are coming out. I think that this is just what sony needs to get back its dominance.

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great news cant wait to play it.the demo was great!!!!!!!!

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Looks like my EB is going to have the game early. I went over and fully pre-paid my copy. I'm a much bigger fan of the Sly Cooper series and I hope that after they're done with Infamous, Sucker Punch will bring Sly to the PS3. However, R&C is my number 2 and it is great that they are on their way to the PS3. Hopefully, this will be the first of the many exclusives that will finally get the PS3 gravy train going.

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This is absolutely great news. R and C games are some of my favorite games ever. I wonder how many and which stores are going to have it early.

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R&C are by far my fav series period. Christmas is coming early this year ..BOOYA!!

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cant wait for this awesome game to drop. the demo was brilliant

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this is great news

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Great game fun gameplay that has good humor. Can't wait to try the new gadgets and weapons.

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Sweet cant wait for next week to start harrasing ebgames & gamestop :-D 2 C if the got the game :-D the demo is awesome looking 4wrd on this game. :-)

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atchet and clank is gonna be the only reasonto buy a PS3

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can't wait for the game

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To those people only commenting to start a fight... shut, up. :roll: If you arent even interested in the PS3 or this game, why are you here? Oh wait, thats right. So you can feel all big and bad about yourself. :D Anyway, I cant wait for this game. Im a big fan of R&C and already preordered this game like a month ago. hahaha This might be good news for some of us, but the 30th isnt too far away to wait for this great looking game. :wink:

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Yes! Finally a game worth turning my PS3 on again for.

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Here's hoping my pre-order from North America ships to me in Australia early... the demo rocked, can't wait for the full game. Going to be just in time too, I'm about to finish Heavenly Sword.

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I had both Xbox and PS2, and had to choose between the 360 and the PS3... I chose the 360 forgeting how much I love Ratchet and Clank. Guess its time to start saving again...

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and HMtheJJ...no one even cares about Halo 3 anymore. it came and went cause it was more hype than substance. people are already over it.

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i already posted a forum topic about this! and no one responded. :lol:

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If this game is the Ratchet game for the PSP then WHOA!! The graphics on this one look incredible. Finally a game that looks to use the full power of the system.

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umm... Halo... a FPS... with GUNS (of course)... that sums up everything...

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@Pepsodentalspy Just make a US psn account and DL it.

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Finally -- after a zillion FPS games on 360, and generally poor anything lately on Wii comes - some good old style gaming with kick all ass graphics.

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umm.. its... a PLATFORMER... with GUNS... that sums up everything...

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gamespot lists 2 reviews by 2 magazines, and it got a 93/100 and a 9,5/10, this is a damn good game

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It is great that they are shipping it earlier to some locations. I am with you... I never heard any "I am frustrated"'s on THIS website at least when they announced that the game was delayed. Just a bunch of "Oh well"'s and "It's just seven days"'s.

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Who was "mildly frustrated"...? I heard a lot of "oh well"s and such but I never heard mention of the word "frustrated". Maybe you should be underlining, boldening, and italicizing the word "mildly". And "quietly"? They announced it on PlayStation.blog, forums are alive with the news and apparently they contacted plenty of industry websites such as this one. Short of TV ads I don't know what else they could do. Thanks for downplaying the event.