Rabbids Go Home Updated Impressions

What the rabbids do in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


We recently did a hands-on with Rabbids Go Home, but at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show, Ubisoft was showing off the final build of the game and allowed us to check out a few levels that we had never seen before. This crazy adventure is full of wacky rabbid goodness, and for those who might be tired of the minigame formula, Rabbids Go Home is like a driving platformer in which you pilot a shopping cart and use a bubble bed to hop around rooftops.

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What's New: The level we got to see was set in Vegas--in an Elvis wedding chapel to be precise. Our demo took us through the beginning of the stage, in which our fun-loving rabbids had to pick up bombs and toss them at the turret, while dodging flying projectiles and trying to stay on the winding path. A verminator dressed in black was waiting for us inside the chapel and was described to us as an evolved verminator who can do spin attacks. After getting rid of it, we were able to snag a bubble bed, which allows you to hop and float around.

There were some tricky-looking platforming segments as the pair of rabbids tried to jump from one rooftop to the next, all the while avoiding tumbling carpet rolls and spikes. We didn't actually play the level, but it looked like fun. The other level we saw was Fetchez la Vache, where we had to pick up a cow and still collect as much stuff as possible, weaving around obstacles like it was an agility course.

What's Different: We had an old GamesCom build at the office and it was still quite buggy, but from what we saw today, the game looks a lot more polished. There's also a downtown hub, which we had never seen before, that connects you to the levels that you have access to.

In Ze Wiimote has also been updated so that you can now spray-paint your rabbid and slap a bunch of random stickers on it. You can also tickle your rabbid with an electric cable and watch it cackle gleefully, or you can slap it around with a foam mitt. After customizing your rabbid, you can save up to 80 versions. We were told that you will be able to swap with friends, as well as participate in themed contests via the Wii Channel.

What's The Same: Underwear is still the ongoing theme in Rabbids Go Home.

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What Impression The Game Made This Time: The game looks great right now, and after checking out some of the later levels, it definitely seems like it could be quite a challenge. We've really enjoyed what we've played of the game and feel that it's going in the right direction. Look for our full review when the game ships in mid November.

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