Rabbids Go Home Updated Hands-On

These wacky rabbids just like to scare the pants off of people in this crazy adventure.


It has been a few months since we've spent some time with these crazy mutated bunnies, but now that we have our own preview build to play with, we've been able to see just how silly this game is. Moving away from the minigame formula, Rabbids Go Home is an action adventure in which your goal is to get as much stuff as you possibly can and add it to a growing pile of junk. These zany creatures think that by doing so, it will bring them closer to the moon.

Some things are better kept on the other side of the glass.
Some things are better kept on the other side of the glass.

To help you collect miscellaneous items are two rabbids in a shopping cart, which you control with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as you rampage through various areas, scaring the clothes off humans and barking at Chihuahuas. Underwear is a common theme here, and the only article of clothing our rabbid was wearing was a hot red lacy thong. Humans run at the first sight of you and try to scramble to higher ground, but that doesn't stop you from shaking your remote to make them shed all their garments as well as anything they're carrying, like a six-pack of soda.

The first level we tried seemed to be the rabbids' home base. After a wild ride through the grimy sewers, we were dumped into what looked like a junkyard, where the rabbids were happily gathered around. This served as a tutorial level where we were able to test out the handling on the shopping cart. After following the instructions to collect items that were circled in white, we jumped back into the sewers and headed toward the city.

The build is still early, so we had to jump around using the cheat menu, but we did get a chance to blaze through a shopping mall, where we started off in a pet store and then ventured into the produce section of a grocery store. Controlling your cart is fairly easy with the nunchuk, and you can hold the A button to get a bit of a boost. Your means of transportation can be a bit unwieldy at times, and it only gets worse as you grab all the inventory. Checkpoints throughout the game in the form of a rabbid with a tuba are available for you to drop off your goodies.

This is a different kind of shopping.
This is a different kind of shopping.

Some of the animations in-game are still a bit rough, but the quirkiness is part of the game's appeal as the rabbids jabber away in their own language while making exaggerated facial expressions. The 2D cutscenes in between the levels are hilarious and make the game feel like one big goofy cartoon. Be sure to pay attention to the humans that you encounter, because they have some funny lines, and the use of the tuba and other horns creates just the right kind of atmosphere you would expect from this silly game. We'll be at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show next week to check out a new build, so be sure to stay tuned for our updated impressions. Rabbids Go Home is set to be released on November 3.

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