Rabbids Go Home on DS, DSi

Ubisoft's spin-off series for deranged-yet-adorable critters heading to Nintendo's handheld this holiday; retains Wii storyline, intros puzzle-based challenges.


Ubisoft's Rayman franchise received a restorative injection or relevancy with its 2006 installment Rayman Raving Rabbids. Riding the engrossing personality of the titular deranged bunny-creature-things, the series quickly spawned a handful of successful sequels. In April, the Rabbids broke away from the Rayman name outright, as Ubisoft announced the action adventure Rabbids Go Home for the Wii.

Even in low-res, the Rabbids look nutty.
Even in low-res, the Rabbids look nutty.

Today, Ubisoft said that the Wii edition of Rabbids Go Home will find company on the DS and DSi when it arrives at retail this holiday season. According to Ubisoft, the gameplay will differ from the Wii original, though the premise of the portable edition remains the same. Equipped with their handy shopping cart, the Rabbids run amok on Earth, attempting to collect enough refuse to build a tower to their homeworld, which most humans refer to as the Moon.

Described by Ubisoft as a puzzle-adventure game, Rabbids Go Home on the DS sees players solving some 150 brain teasers and other challenges in order to collect junk for their pile. Challenges are spread across 15 different levels, and the game also features an editor where players can create and share their own custom puzzles. The game also includes a Challenge mode, which features 20 levels that operate separately from the story section of the game.

The DSi edition of the game will incorporate with the handheld's camera functionality. Ubisoft notes that players will be able to take pictures with the DSi, incorporating Rabbids animations into the captured images.

For more on the Wii edition of the game, check out GameSpot's hands-on from this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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