Quirky GTA Online glitch reveals North Yankton map

Swap sun for snow in GTA Online glitch.

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A bunch of savvy Grand Theft Auto Online players have found a way to play around on North Yankton, the snowy area from the prologue of Grand Theft Auto V's campaign.

When following the instructions with the latest patch installed you'll be able to find North Yankton floating in the skies of Los Santos.

To make the glitch work, one player needs to start an invite-only game of GTA Online. Another player then needs to repeat the game's prologue from single-player, playing up to the point that they leave the initial building and the police first arrive, and running to the left past the Bobcat van. Then the second player simply needs to accept a game invite from their friend.

North Yankton will appear as a floating city on the southeast side of Los Santos, and can be accessed and then explored via helicopter.

CVG has published a video guide to the glitch, which you can watch below. You can also catch up with GameSpot's ongoing GTA Online antics by checking out the GTA Diaries show page.

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