Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek Might Be His Final Movie

"There should be nothing left handed about it."

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For several years now, Quentin Tarantino has been stating that his tenth movie as director will be the last. This month's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is film no.9, and there have been rumors that he might also be planning to make a Star Trek film. Tarantino has now commented on whether a Star Trek film--if it happens--would count as his tenth and final film.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Tarantino discussed the possibility that a Star Trek film might be excluded from his 10-movie plan, because it's a franchise entry and not an original creation. "I guess I do have a loophole, [if] the idea was to throw a loophole into it," he said. "Which would be [to go], 'Uhhh, I guess Star Trek doesn't count. I can do Star Trek … but naturally I would end on an original.'"

However, Tarantino ultimately said that he would stand by his original decision, no matter what his tenth movie turns out to be. "The idea of doing 10 isn't to come up with a loophole," he explained. "I actually think, if I was going to do Star Trek, I should commit to it. It's my last movie. There should be nothing left handed about it. I don't know if I'm going to do that, but that might happen."

Rumors that Tarantino had an idea for a new Star Trek movie first appeared in January 2018. It was reported that he had spoken to JJ Abrams, who directed the first two Star Trek reboot movies, about the possibility of directing it. More recently, Tarantino told Empire that a script based on his initial pitch had been written, and if it happened, his Star Trek movie would be R-rated.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie, and releases on July 26. Check out the first trailer here.

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Avatar image for CBTDesigner

I'd be interested in working with Tarantino on his final project. I bet it would be EPIC!!!!

Avatar image for sakaixx

Can Tarantino make a PG13 movie?

Avatar image for justthetip

@sakaixx: Of course he can, but why would he? If something isn’t your style, it’s not your style. Van Halen can play the blues on guitar, but he plays rock. Picasso could have painted a regular looking person, but he had his style. Tarantino has his style, which happens to be R-rated.

Avatar image for sakaixx

@justthetip: its a star trek movie.

Avatar image for spaced92

And so Star Trek movies continued to suck since First Contact.

Avatar image for ronaldmcreagan

Who cares. Tarantino hasn't made a good film since Pulp Fiction. Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs really were his only good films.

Avatar image for justthetip

@ronaldmcreagan: Said by someone who should never be taken seriously. Hateful Eight, Django Unchained, Kill Bill 1 & 2. Pretty much everything he has touched has been gold.

Avatar image for aross2004

@ronaldmcreagan: Just about every single other movie he has done says otherwise.

Not a dud in the bunch.

Plus, he wrote Natural Born Killers which was also awesome.

Tarantino is a f*cking national treasure!

Avatar image for alien33

@ronaldmcreagan: His other films were decent too, but nothing ever reached Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction's heights.

Avatar image for GinsuVictim

@ronaldmcreagan: What a dogshit opinion.

Avatar image for apnance

What a weird idea, Tarantino directing Star Trek.

Avatar image for DarkReign2022

Meh. Not really interested in Star Trek even if it is helmed by Tarantino. What I really want is for Star Wars to reintroduce the Yuuzhan Vong back into canon and for Tarantino to spearhead a graphic and violent take on their arrival in the Galaxy we all know and love, albeit with a different cast from the novels considering the time difference and the characters that have come and gone in the latest trilogy.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

There is a matter of fact-ness about Tarantino's movies that would lend well to a Star Trek film. All of his movies are heavy operas as opposed to straight action movies. Like a Meatloaf or Queen song, alot of rock opera going on. And alot of us love it, and many hate it. But there is no denying Tarantino makes great movies, fun movies, and visually enjoyable ones. I would love to see a Trek film by him.

Take the monologuing of his characters - which is very heavily influenced by the Star Trek and Westerns of a by gone era of movie making. But it is compelling exposition when action is expressed through ... Samuel L Jackson putting a performance on screen that is as fun and enjoyable as any action chase /fight scene or over the top acting William Shatner ever put on screen. Even Jimmy Stewart's Mr. Smith goes to washington or Cary grants arsenic and old lace scenes could easily be set into a Jackie Brown or Hateful Eight - and I know your thinking but his movies are so violent, true but its the kind of violence that is powerful and meaningful to the story instead of violence porn because the plot lacks a story.

I believe Gene Roddenberry and Tarantino would be close friends if not separated by time. If his script and freedom of direction is green-lit by those that hold the Star Trek licensing then you can believe a trek film by him will get made. If too many canon rules or rating rules are put upon him, he would probably pass. Lets hope.

Avatar image for timemasheen

"There should be nothing left handed about it."

As a left handed person, I am offended!


Avatar image for tlpina

@timemasheen: We should create a group and fight for equal rights. #Leftiesarepeopletoo

Avatar image for timemasheen

@tlpina: I agree! First place I'm storming is a few guitar manufacturers' HQ.

Avatar image for fanboyman

I’d say this’s confirmation he’s not doing Star Trek.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Did you notice a sign outside of my docking bay that said "Dead Klingon Storage"?!?

Avatar image for openmind23

Wow I honestly didn't know he was gonna hang his clapperboard up at 10 films. Damn... He is a great talent and contributor to the whole industry. I shall greatly look forward to these (possibly) last 2 films of his with great anticipation. It will be interesting to see his style of humour in the upcoming new Star Trek, if they go with his pitch and ideas :)

Avatar image for balugha

But you just quoted him saying that it's a loophole and wouldn't count... you guys are total click bait.

Avatar image for Barighm

@balugha: But then he said it would count because ultimately he would be doing his best to make his take on Star Trek a great movie, so it would still be his movie, and thus count. He also said he didn't make up that rule just to create loopholes later.

Not that I believe a lifelong filmmaker will give up on his passion at a relatively healthy age just because he hit a magic number. Just pointing out you didn't read the article thoroughly.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@Barighm: That 10 might very well have been what motivated him. Lot of people make arbitrary goals and then move on to something else.

Avatar image for Welverin

@PrpleTrtleBuBum: There's also the fact that by the time his next movie comes out he'll likely be sixty, and it would not be at all od for him to call it quits at that point.

Avatar image for baggysack64

@balugha: Minus the fact that literally one sentence later he says that he would ultimately commit to 10 being 10...did you even read it?

Avatar image for Xanitra

His final movie will be Carebears Strikes back

Avatar image for aross2004

Did you see a sign that said dead Tribble storage?

No? That's because you can't store dead Tribbles here!

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@aross2004: Damn -- you apprently beat me to it!

Avatar image for aross2004

@Pyrosa: Yours was wittier. Mine was too obvious ;)

Avatar image for Berserk8989

This would be the first Star Trek thing I'd watch.

Avatar image for kingodin11

While I don't think a Tarantino-directed Star Trek film would be the end of the world or the franchise as some have suggested, I definitely don't think he's a good fit for the series.

Avatar image for willowvale75

An R-Rated Star Trek makes no sense. lol Like why? We go from campy tv series, to decent scf-fi action adventure movies and tv shows. What about Star Trek needs to be R-rated? Makes no sense. It's not even part of the source material. Like needing to be true to certain dark comics, or Deadpool etc.

Totally unnecessary and he should just forget about that and stick to what he does best.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@willowvale75: At least Kirk could land a LOT of space-trim...

Avatar image for aross2004

@Pyrosa: Getting the cosmic chlamydia would really suck though...

Avatar image for btotheotothejtothef

@willowvale75: Writing and Directing movies is what he does best though. I'm sure he'd find a way to elevate it otherwise he wouldn't do it. You'd think Tarantino's track record would speak for itself by now.

Avatar image for whiteheartx

He's been saying each movie is his last for the past 2-3 movies he's made lol.

Avatar image for justthetip

@whiteheartx: He has never once said one of his movies will be his last. You’re making things up. He has always said the 10th would be the last.

Avatar image for ballashotcaller

@whiteheartx: no he hasn't. he's always said 10 movies. hateful eight was his eighth.

Avatar image for srfilk86

Kill Bill Vol 3 will be his final movie.

Avatar image for aross2004

@srfilk86: There will not be a Vol 3.

Avatar image for srfilk86

@aross2004: Did he say that? He always planned to make a third with a grown Nikkia.

Avatar image for aross2004

@srfilk86: No, he said it's always a "possibility".

It won't happen though.

Avatar image for ballashotcaller

@srfilk86: nah

Avatar image for jasperwest

I can't imagine it would be, in the same way GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas weren't technically GTA5. His final film would most certainly be an original film.

Avatar image for knifebeater

@jasperwest: I think so as well... but if he chooses, there is a different loophole regarding "original" works: "Inglorious Basterds" was a re-make of the 1978 film (though it really only shares the premise) and "Jackie Brown" was an Elmore Leonard novel ("Rum Punch").

Avatar image for DEVILinIRON

@knifebeater: And Reservoir Dogs was City on Fire.

Avatar image for shadowwarrior4

@jasperwest: Sam jacksons 10th muthafucka