Quartet of titles hit Wii's Virtual Console

Ice Hockey, Gunstar Heroes, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Alien Crush are now available for purchase from Nintendo's online store.


The wave of old-school games continues to pile onto the Wii's Virtual Console. Nintendo today announced that four more games from the days of yesteryear are now available for purchase. Joining the ranks of Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and Sonic the Hedgehog are one title from the Nintendo Entertainment System, a pair from the Sega Genesis, and one from the TurboGrafx-16.

Gamers who like their hockey 8-bit can now download Ice Hockey for 500 Wii points ($5). Originally released in 1988 for the NES, Ice Hockey features six national teams and three different weight classes of players, allowing coaches to go with a nimble lineup or a team of crushing bruisers.

Gunstar Heroes, which first appeared on the Sega Genesis in 1993, brings side-scrolling run-and-gun action to the Wii. Playing as one of the famed Gunstar twins, gamers will take on Colonel Red and a host of his minions in an attempt to foil his plans of destruction. Gunstar Heroes will set gamers back 800 Wii points ($8).

The curiously named Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, also originally a Genesis title, is a puzzle game featuring characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Like the popular puzzle game Puyo Puyo, this game tasks gamers with matching four blocks of the same color and causing mayhem for opponents. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine costs 800 Wii points ($8).

Late last week, Hudson Entertainment dropped a few hints that a TurboGrafx-16 game would be making an appearance on the Virtual Console today. Based on clues, many suspected it would be Alien Crush...and they were right. Alien Crush was originally released in 1989 and sells for 600 Wii points ($6).

All four games can be purchased from the WIi Shop Channel. Nintendo plans to add new Virtual Console games each Monday.

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This is stupid why do they make these old ugly games for next gen consoles...

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Because a lot of people still enjoy playing them. Duh!

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"asdfpo I wonder, will we ever see Game Cube games on the VC. Say in 3-4 years or so" Are you serious? Since Wii is 100% backwards compadible with Gamecube, (and since most people dislike Gamecube and Nintendo isn't really supporting GC as much anymore) I seriously doubt it. Besides, downloading and saving a Gamecube emulation to the Wii's flash memory is a task too herculian for me to even think about. Nintendo has talked of revamping GC games for the Wii as they did with Twilight Princess... but don't hold your breath on that until the Wii starts to become more popular.

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I agree with . I often feel like these retro classics are better on a handheld system. Not only do today's portable consoles have more than enough power to play these older titles, but they tend to look better too. (8- and 16-bit VGA graphics often don't scale up to 50 inches very well.) The exception to that rule is a multiplayer classic like Street Fighter or Gauntlet that you want to play with someone else. Finding other handheld owners with the same game can be difficult or cost-prohibitive, so in those cases the sofa is the way to go.

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I wouldn't mind Pokemon Puzzle League for the 64. NOT because it was pokemon, but because it's based of a time-tested formula: Tetris Attack!

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I wonder, will we ever see Game Cube games on the VC. Say in 3-4 years or so

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<< LINK REMOVED >> You'll see them on the Wii U soon!

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It would be amazing to play virtual console games on a ds. But you know, maybe Nintendo's next handheld is an actual virtual console player! How awesome would that be!! A handheld system which can use the wii memorycard as its storage, and game playing thingies! sweet! But you know.... until then, Please get RocketKnight Adventures! And Quackshot!!! And.... (oh the list!! the list!!)

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. . Star Tropics anyone ? And Master Blaster ? I wanna play those games again... :( Memories... :(

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forget gunstar heroes, we need Guardian Heroes!

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I'm waiting for Earthbound. Sword of Vermilion or Faerie Tale Adventure for the Genesis would be great adds for the VC as well.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Earthbound is finally coming to the Wii U!

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i cant wait till ocarina of time and majora's mask is out for the wii. link to the past was good chorona triger sooooooooooo many just come on nintendo give us the n64

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ignorance and no patience ...

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Where is my Super Mairo world! I am glad that they are still putting games out for the VC.. That was one of the main reasons I bought my Wii....So keep them coming nintendo!

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where are the classics? Shinobi, landstalker, shining in the darkness, phantasy star, chrono trigger and FF 3? games like that are what made me interested in the wii.

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nice....but we need more great snes and we rly need morre great n64 games b4 i look to buy anything

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Where the hell is the original punchout? Kid Icarus? Kung Fu? Double Dragon 2? Does anyone else think Nintendo is bein a little stingy on the weekly releases? Their library is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are we getting 2-4 games per week? Gametap is doin 7-10 a week! Their whores. The Virtual Console needs to step it up a bit!

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Gunstar heros all the way! it was one of the best games on the genesis

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I love how a boy and his blob and blast corp have been mentioned here. I have bought both for their respective systems over the past year.

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I want more N64 games.That was my time.I remember begging my Parents to get me Goldeneye because it was rated T.I remember crying because my dad told me that he couldn't find Ocarina of time and then seconds later my dad popped out a bag with the game in it.I remember how great the N64 was.

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I just want Chrono Trigger. I kick myself about 10 times a day for selling that back when I was an idiot kid. That game rocked.

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fedgem Where is the A Boy and His Blob? or whatever that game was called . ------------------------------------------------------------- I think that was the hardest game ever. I could never figure out what the heck I was supposed to do. I'd love to try it again now that I'm 29. I've found that a lot of games that I used to think were impossible are a lot easier than I remember them being when I come back to them.

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I love the idea of VC on Wii, but I want more N64 games, give me my Goldeneye and Zelda titles! Metroid 3 Link to the past would be Awsome for SNES, and how about some Double Dragons and ninja gaidens for good old NES!

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princeofgames90 "They VC games suck END OF STORY" No they don't, END OF STORY. I bet you've never even played most of these games on the VC, as they probably came out when, or before, you were born. Many of the games on the VC list so far, are classics. But you probably wouldn't know, if you're 15, or just a hater who pops up from thread to thread...

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To the guy who mentioned Killer Instinct: Rock on! I second that KI should be on the VC. I'm also hoping for Earthbound (since the game is expensive as all hell), Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball, River City Ransom, King of the Dragons, Stunt Race FX, Pilotwings, Super Mario RPG, and I don't think it would kill Nintendo to put up some heavy hitters (any Super Mario, Metroid, Star Fox, Zelda, Donkey Kong Country), especially games that are hard to find now (Final Fantasy 1, 2, 3; Earthbound; Secret of Evermore; Chrono Trigger) to give everyone a chance to play them. I certainly agree that Nintendo is shelling out lesser-known games early because that's the only way people will buy them (for the most part). Though I am glad for Gunstar Heroes, Super Mario 64, Bomberman '93, and Legend of Zelda, but I own 3 of the 4 games on their respective systems now, so it may take a while before I decide to buy them again for the Wii. ..and can I get an "Amen!" for some Blast Corps & Diddy Kong Racing up in this piece?

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I'm not surprised that they're not releasing a lot of the big titles now for the Virtual Console. Why release a lot of it now when the system is still in the very early part of it's cycle? You have to think two, three years from now. Also, there are some great titles for the out now or coming very soon. It would be wise to save some of the AAA VC games for the typically slow times such as summer that don't see as many big releases. If they have a slow time, that's the best time to release SMB 3 or Super Metroid, etc. People will be at least a little less likely to notice there aren't many great new games coming out that month if they're busy playing and getting excited about new games being released on the VC.

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Gunstar Heroes was a great game and Mean Bean Machine was horridly underrated.

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I will only buy the N64 library through the VC. I wish they would release more besides freaking Mario 64.

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My guess is they're spilling out the unpopular games first so that they have a greater chance of being bought by people who've gotta spend some money in a hurry. Well, some of those games are pretty good, like Gunstar Heroes and Bean Machine. What, are they holding back their big guns to counter Halo 3 or something? Oh, and on an "unrelated note," do a search for USB Playstation Adapter on ebay. Don't those things cost about as little as a virtual console game or two?

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Well said. In other words we want the games that were good and made these systems shine that are worth the $5 not this trash from the bottom of the barrel. I know what you mean i except i got them all on my PC but i would like to have the killer games from these systems on my Wii with perfect emulation and controller setup and can take the Wii and these games with me where ever i go.

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Gunstar Heroes is one of the best games ever hands down. What is there not to like about a game that mixes elements from megaman, contra, and metal slug that was made by Treasure. Its still worth $20 bucks imo. Also while GH was ported to GBA the Genesis version is still better. Like Contra the game shines when 2 people are playing. So the Wii has been out only 3 weeks now and every week I come here to see what is out on the VC and every week I see a thread of whining and complaing about how the entire "zelda, old school ff, metroid, or mario" libraries are not available or the prices are too high, It's getting really old. First off if you think the price is too high you have 3 easy solutions: 1. Don't buy them, Simple economics if the price is too high don't buy. I like the price point and thus have been enjoying my purchase. 2. Dig up/Buy a system. I bought a nes cartridge player earlier this year and have been enjoying my old library as well as purchasing carts off ebay. 3.Get an emulator and some games. I do not reccomend this as it is illegal unless you own the cart. Please feel free to insert your self serving justification here. Second about the games , while I agree the nes library has been atrocious. I mean come on the system could easily emulate arcade versions of the Donkey Kong series instead of giving us the tripe that came out on the nes in the 80s. However the rest of the library is much better than some of you give it credit for. Open your minds people! Gunstar Heroes is as good if not better than almost any nes or snes title you can think of. Bomberman is a great party game. Sim City is fun, bonk's adventure has its moments. There are plenty of decent titles that are fun if people would just give them a chance. The games that everybody's begging for will be out soon enough until then try new things you might be suprised. The real question everyone should be asking is when/if will new and original games be released via the VC. I would love geometry wars to make an appearance on the VC. Of course this may be a moot point if the fan base is like a lot of the people here and they only want those 4 games they played 10-20 years ago.

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They VC games suck END OF STORY

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I have every SNES, NES, Genesis, GameBoy, and Atari game running on my Xbox as we speak. Lets not forget the Killer Instinct ARCADE games and MAME! ALL FREE! BOOYA! :P Sorry.

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The only 2 VC games i have any interest in so far is Bomberman '93 and Bonks Adventure. Everything else is worthless so far. Get some good ones nintendo.

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Alien Crush is a great pinball game.

Avatar image for LessThanMike


Avatar image for lowenergycycle

Nintendo, dearest, honeypie, I love you and all that, and I'm sure I'm not speaking for everyone here, but what the HELL makes you think I wanna play most of the current crop of VC games? Really, sunbeam, they suck. Bring out some good games. Both you and I KNOW you've got a few. It's no use boasting about the potential the VC system has to deliver all the great classics from the 8-bit and 16-bit era, when all it currently delivers are forgotten duffers that wouldn't fetch a two quid at a car-boot sale. Sort it out. Darling.

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Nice to see Gunstar Heroes and Alien Crush added, but the other two are meh. If you have Sonic Mega Collection you can play Mean Bean Machine on that, and Ice Hockey is one of the better sports titles on the NES (though not as good as Blades Of Steel) but not worth $5.

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Gonna have to get Ice Hockey. Hopefully Konami will release Blades of Steel.

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yes....nintendo is keeping their promise so far

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woo the more the merrier! @ juggleballz i believe the vc games saves on the wii memory itself and will only run on that specific wii, otherwise you'd be able to just share them freely, and nintendo wouldnt earn much that way.

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Wow, Nintendo really hates us.

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Thanks Big N for updating so frequently. The VC rocks !

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meh.....nothing I'll buy. Bring on Super Mario World!!

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What a ripoff. For almost all of these games I can go buy the cartridge for cheaper (which I will do, since I still have my 64)

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Is the Monday timeframe only for the US? I have a PAL console and nothing new has been added.

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chickmagnet_1 if you dont like it dont buy it.