Quartet of titles hit Wii's Virtual Console

Ice Hockey, Gunstar Heroes, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Alien Crush are now available for purchase from Nintendo's online store.


The wave of old-school games continues to pile onto the Wii's Virtual Console. Nintendo today announced that four more games from the days of yesteryear are now available for purchase. Joining the ranks of Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and Sonic the Hedgehog are one title from the Nintendo Entertainment System, a pair from the Sega Genesis, and one from the TurboGrafx-16.

Gamers who like their hockey 8-bit can now download Ice Hockey for 500 Wii points ($5). Originally released in 1988 for the NES, Ice Hockey features six national teams and three different weight classes of players, allowing coaches to go with a nimble lineup or a team of crushing bruisers.

Gunstar Heroes, which first appeared on the Sega Genesis in 1993, brings side-scrolling run-and-gun action to the Wii. Playing as one of the famed Gunstar twins, gamers will take on Colonel Red and a host of his minions in an attempt to foil his plans of destruction. Gunstar Heroes will set gamers back 800 Wii points ($8).

The curiously named Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, also originally a Genesis title, is a puzzle game featuring characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Like the popular puzzle game Puyo Puyo, this game tasks gamers with matching four blocks of the same color and causing mayhem for opponents. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine costs 800 Wii points ($8).

Late last week, Hudson Entertainment dropped a few hints that a TurboGrafx-16 game would be making an appearance on the Virtual Console today. Based on clues, many suspected it would be Alien Crush...and they were right. Alien Crush was originally released in 1989 and sells for 600 Wii points ($6).

All four games can be purchased from the WIi Shop Channel. Nintendo plans to add new Virtual Console games each Monday.

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"Why release Gunstar Heroes and SMB64 if both of them already have ports/remakes?" Despite what the numbers may lead you to believe, not everyone has a portable, like me. Both remakes/sequels are on one. Besides, the version of SM64 on VC is actually superior, thanks to having much better controls than the DS game.

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whats a **** gotta do to get a freakn mario game around here?

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Funny, Mean Bean Machine and Ice hockey were 2 I was considering so don't say "Noboday wants."

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Where is the A Boy and His Blob? or whatever that game was called

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its only been going for a few weeks and people want every game out at once, then they will post all the best games came out too early and they have nothing to download

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Hey good job for Nintendo coming out with so many Virtual Console titles so frequently!

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too bad barely any of these are good

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QUOTE: chickmagnet_1 'I dig the idea of the Wii, but I hate the whole Virtual Console idea. Five bucks for a game that is old as the hills, and you don't even get an actual copy of it? What if it screws up during download? Do you lose your points? What happens if your machine fails, does your game get blown away? ' ---------------------- Once you buy it, it's yours--associated with your Wii identity. You can re-download it on a whim. And the old game/new game thing isn't too relevant. Gunstar actually holds up well, with nice big sprites, good animations, and crazy Treasure FM tunes. And that lovely twitch control.

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Stop beating around the bush Nintendo, nobody wants Ice Hockey or Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

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I own the alien crush HuCard. Take it from me, best pinball game ever.

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i'm a 360 owner, and i'm gonna go sulk in a corner...

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actually, if you DL a game, it remembers that, so if you lose it or its deleted, you can just DL it again for free

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This Virtual Console thing is a joke. I dig the idea of the Wii, but I hate the whole Virtual Console idea. Five bucks for a game that is old as the hills, and you don't even get an actual copy of it? What if it screws up during download? Do you lose your points? What happens if your machine fails, does your game get blown away? And if its on a server, what happens if the server fails? Do everyone's games get blown away? Paying for 'virtual' games is a stupid idea. Pay for 'actual' games people. At least you have an actual copy of the game you can take to a friend's house, and also be sure that you have the game, whether people's servers, systems, or whatever crashes. (even though I don't have one) I'm diggin the Wii, Nintendo, just not so thrilled about the whole Virtual console idea. Oh yeah, and can you bring down the price? The Wii is a $150 system, not $250. Originally, they wanted to make it a $99 system, and then the $50 game. Thats why when you play it, it doesn't feel like it is something actually worth paying $250 for. I like it, but I don't $250 like it.

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I want SNES Zelda like japan did

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keeperofgames is right. Reggie said NOA is saving big titles for when great Wii games are far between. Man, Gunstar Heroes is one of the greatest games ever!! I just played it for the first time, and I'm addicted.

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Ice Hockey? Haha! Cool :P

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I want SUPER Mario Bros....:(

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smash bros

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This is great, but don't expect the great hits from the past until next year Why you ask? Simple. If people were spending all their money on old school hits, like Final Fantasy III (VI) or Chrono Trigger, then less people would be buying the new Wii specific games like Rayman 4 or Elebits. Wii will see them :D I predict that, come the summer months of next year, we'll see many of those great classics return because those will be times of gaming droughts, when developers hold back their greatest titles for the Christmas holiday. As for the rest, bring me ALL THE GREAT TITLES!!!!! I predict that the Virtual COnsole service will collapse the day FFIII, CT, and Earthbound hit it.

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wooo ice hockey!!!

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lol oooo that sgoign to be sweet.. but what happens if you alreayd own these games??

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Super Metroid, Tetris Attack, and Super Mario RPG.... PLEASE BRING ME THOSE!!!!

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As do I, but I'm happy with them as is. That's not to say that Nintendo couldn't release add-on downloads in the future that made additions and alterations to existing games. Could be cool.

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Dear nintendo.. i've been good this year, so please i would like to see on the V.C. the following titles.. soon.. please. Super Metroid, Mega Man X, Contra, Mega Man 2, Yoshi's Island, Secret of Mana, Castlevania 4, R-type 3, Axelay, Battletoads, Pilotwings, Pilotwings 64, Super Soccer, Street Fighter 2 turbo, A Link to the past, Star Fox, Stanley Cup, Super Star Wars, Excitebike 64, Turok, Super Smash Brothers, F-zero X, Ninja Gaiden 2, Rush 2049, P.O.W, Metal Gear, Super Turrican 2,Earth Worm Jim, Final Fantasy 3 (VI) and the Indiana Jones title that is impossible to find for the n64.. pretty please..

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Where's Mike Tyson's Punch-out! ? Not the later altered version to exclude Tyson, but the original. On that same note, Please bring Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Double Dragon 2 for NES and Super Double Dragon 4 for SNES! These releases are awesome though. Thanks Nintendo!

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Glad to see some good games on here. Already bought Ice Hockey and Gunstar Heroes. Wish they would add online play for these games, but we don't really pay for online so it don't matter to me. It may take awhile for some n64 titles to appear mostly because it takes some time to turn them into the Wii format. Besides, they've released OoT 3 times. Just go to the store and buy that collectors edition, simple as that.

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i agree it is a risk to buy via online programs such as valves "steam" ... and for a while it was just a big sink hole for them. While the risk is there steam also has a major benefit ... you can play your games anywhere you have internet and the computer to handle it. And with a broadening of their game selection it keeps people continually using it. As long as there arent and fake figures in their earnings or any major issues these programs will do fine because they are tied to big companies ... nintendo is being a bit short sighted in that they are not tieing it to a separate account but otherwise usually the companies that have the mollah to make these programs and make a broad selection of games available are able to support it well enough.

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no one seems to think twice, i'm suprised and happy and dissapionted, for one i siad this is a great independent/start up dev forum, so i love that, on the other hand i don't want this to replace the AAA title, or hard copy game. i'm suprised that more games haven't gone this rought, the pc you can get entire games through download, but otherwise? console games don't offer that and they could with the consoles being harder to hack it would be even safer.

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i might just feel this way because i'm a collector i love tangable things, like DVD's laser disks video games, pet fish(no one saw that coming), i'm just wierd like that i feel like getting a VC game or a XBL marketplace game is like leasing a car instead of buying one, you don't own anything.

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well i find the fact that anyone on the console market woud pay money for digital media is rediculous, i mean you aren't really buying anything, i love retro games, and collecting emulations without a promise from nintendo to make these purchases carry through to the next generation, i mean atleast the XBL games are assosiated with you Account so maybe they could carry over your onine purchases, but the fact that the nintendo system doesn't do that instead the games are tied to your Wii ID number, AKA your systems ID or pin, it would be a real legal/financial fiasco to transfer these games to the next system, not to mention the fact that this system desperately needs a harddrive to support this kind of media,i mean people will have filled up every memory card and all the onboard memmory in a few months, what then. now that i've got this out, i'm exstatic that nintendo is so dedicated to bringing out games every week, i remember when microssoft siad they'd keep on emulating original xbox games and here i am wiating for a UC2 POP 2 and 3, and a hand full of other games emulation, number one software devs in the world can't emulate, go figure. i think the XBL market place and the VC are totally steeling the market and revolutionizing how independent devs distribute their media on the pc we have steam, a very great system, with it's flaws. any way it seems like every download system has the inherit problem of not actually owning anything physical what if the 360 did a dreamcast, or what if nintendo did the same what would happen to your collection, what if valve went belly up. what would you do your games would all be invalidated. when your games rely on a corporations financial success then you are in a dangerous place. will nintendo release compilation discks like sega and mega man did last gen, if they do i'll grab those. until then i'll play downloaded content on anothers system i'm still a skeptic, the price for me is to steep considering you are paying for a movie ticket not buying the dvd, if you know what i mean.

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all i want is super mario all stars and super mario world then i'll be happy

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Would be great if I could access the online store.....anyone else getting error messages?

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Super Metroid is all I need, and I'll be happy forever.

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Gunstar Heroes. Is there more to say?

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Please do something better with the interface nintendo, by the middle of next year its going to be a complete mess in there trying to find a game.

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I would have gladly paid $10 for Ice Hockey if it had online play. I'll pass on all these no frills ports though. The funny thing is that if these games were on XBLA with at least achievements, I would be more willing to spend the money.

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Awesome. I wish XBLA got games this often.

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YES Gunstar Heroes!!!! ...now... I just need to purchase a Wii :D

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The VC is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Bring on Super Tecmo Bowl and Double Dribble!!!

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I'm so sick of the cost complaints... You must be the same people who complain $0.99 is a rip-off on iTunes cause you compare it to free. The prices aren't that bad I mean they put effort into these ports should they just do it for free... Sure you can steal the ROMs for free but how can they compete with that? It's like saying Walmart is too expensive cause if you just stole merchandise you wouldn't have to spend anything. Grow up already... What I don't like is the goofy point system and set amounts you have to buy but oh well...

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Ice Hockey is amazing, and I'll have to try out Gunstar Heroes. I want Tecmo Bowl and OoT!

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Ok. The games Nintendo chooses to realease on the VC really confuses me. Why release Gunstar Heroes and SMB64 if both of them already have ports/remakes? And one other note, the VC has alot of potential for indie developers. they could release their own games straight to VC, as well as episodic content. If we're lucky, the VC could go the way of the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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gunstar is amazing. definitley worth picking up for 8 bucks.

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Gunstar Heroes is one of my all time favourite games! Two-player co-op was a blast! Gonna have to get this one. :)

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So when are we getting Mario?

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Cool. If they keep a steady flow of games coming to the VC, then it would be the ultimate old school game store. Now just work on adding online play with these great games Nintendo...

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Each Monday? Hot damn!