Quantum Theory formulated for late summer

Tecmo Koei confirms release window for gory third-person shooter on Xbox 360 and PS3.


In February, Tecmo Koei delayed its PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 shooter Quantum Theory, saying it wouldn't be ready for release before its fiscal quarter ended in March. Today a representative with the publisher confirmed a DualShockers report for GameSpot, narrowing down the game's current launch window.

Wonder Twin powers: Activate!
Wonder Twin powers: Activate!

"For now, a solid date hasn't been determined yet, but we're looking at the later part of summer 2010," the representative told GameSpot.

Quantum Theory follows beefy protagonist Syd and his female counterpart, Filens. With Earth having suffered a postapocalyptic catastrophe, the duo set out to stem the spread of a mysterious substance known as Erosion, the source of which appears to be in a mysterious "Living Tower."

For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Quantum Theory.

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i agree being that its been deemed a one player game i decided not to get it for that reason alone

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@Mikethechimp are those like real words

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as it obvious that this is a gears wanna be i think the only way to make it worth while for x360 owners would be to make the chick playable through out the game, she looks like she could be lots of fun,there is that part were its like she is skating,and if she can skate really fast most of the game + all the gears of war elements this will be lots of fun

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the graphics are so terrible, just like gears of war. :P haha, naw it looks fine, I really hope the gameplay isn't bad or repetitive though; that would kill it.

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The fact that this may look like 'Gears' is where the similarities end, unlike Gears, as its being made by Tecmo, it will therefore simply be a shallow, runnie-gunnie arcadie affair. 6.5 / 7

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Looks like it could be good...I hope it is, and even though they make no bones about being like Gears, that's cool with me, I'll just add it to my list of games to play this summer... plus you can never have too many good games to play for the summer break ...

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Gears of War meets anime.

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This game will flop. The overall visual design just reeks of failure. They need at least another year or two to polish this game if they expect to release a decent title. We dont need another clone of another game. Be original.

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if they can accomplish a game play like gears of war without the bugs, then Ill be picking this up for sure

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I understand its 2010 and no games orginal anymore but oh gawd...

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They said it was coming out Q1 of 2010, then they said it was coming out April, NOW they're saying it's coming out July 1st. Wow great decision making.

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This just in Quantum Theory set to flop late in summer of 2010....

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Art style seem similar to Gears of War. Interesting. I might keep an eye on this game.

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Nice caption yo.

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doesnt look bad at all

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This is fine with me... get it done right!

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I'm not judging by looking at one picture and reading one tiny article, I look forward to hearing more soon.

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this game is gonna be good,i can feel it

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Wait!...the last time I heard about this game it was said to be only on the PS3! Darn! what happen?

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This game is getting moderately panned left and right by game critics and correspondents, and my guess is it will be only slightly better than expectations.

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This game looks like Gears of war's little brother

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I hope this will be good but I just can't get myself excited over this game. Especially the developer behind it makes me weary. Did they say if there was going to be co-op in it?

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@Mikethechimp I never thought I'd hear about the Higgs Boson on Gamespot.

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I thought this would be about quantum chomodynamics. Imagine a game where we get to collide protons near the speed of light and create quark-gluon plasma, watch it all come back together due to confinement, discover the Higgs boson among other particles predicted by supersymmetry..