Quantum Break's Steam Release Won't Force You to Use Windows 10

Windows 7 and 8 users aren't left out.


When Quantum Break was released on Xbox One and PC earlier this year, the latter version came with one requirement that ruffled some feathers: Windows 10. With new PC versions of the game coming soon, including one for Steam, that hurdle is being left behind.

The new Steam page for Quantum Break lists Windows 7 as the minimum required operating system. That's not an error, as developer Remedy confirmed on Twitter today that both the Steam and retail versions of Quantum Break will work as long as you're running Windows 7 on up. You will, however, need to be running a 64-bit version of your OS, though that's hardly unusual these days.

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Requiring Windows 10--and only selling it through the Windows Store--seemed like a baffling decision in the first place, as it limited the potential audience for a game trying to overcome the challenges of being a new IP. That Windows 10 version did feature a bonus in that it was a Xbox Play Anywhere game, allowing you to buy the digital Xbox One or PC version and get access to it on both platforms.

The original PC launch was something of a mess, with the game being broken for users of certain hardware and others finding it difficult to play with a stable frame rate. It also lacked support for things like G-Sync and FreeSync out of the gate.

Quantum Break arrives on Steam and at retail (in the form of a Timeless Collector's Edition) for $40 on September 14.

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