Quantum Break Xbox One, PC Update Planned for Release This Week

No specific details because Quantum Break patch content "is still changing."


Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment plans to launch an update for its time-bending action game by the end of this week (May 1), according to Twitter updates from Thomas Puha, the studio's head of PR.

"Both the Xbox One and [Windows 10] Quantum Break title updates are in the certification process right now," he said. "The title update's are still in testing and have been since last week, still some bugs to fix."

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He added: "We are hoping to get them out by the end of the week but if there are problems in testing, could be postponed. Hoping not!"

As for what the update will include, Puha said he has the details but since "content is still changing depending on what passes certification" he chose not to reveal them.

On April 13, Remedy apologised to those that have encountered problems playing Quantum Break, and said it is "working diligently" alongside Microsoft to improve the experience through future updates.

"We are paying close attention to forums and the discussion online about Quantum Break and are doing our best to solve the issues you are experiencing," it said.

Quantum Break's PC version suffers from some frame rate stuttering. Remedy said it made a "major rounding error" for the game's release and is now working on a solution that should be available in a title update coming in the "near future."

The game can also experience slow rendering after long play session. Although Remedy said this problem is "very rare," it stressed that it is still committed to working with AMD and Nvidia to improve experience.

The PC version also lacked an exit button to quit from the main menu: "We hear you!" Remedy said in response to criticisms of this.

The full list of Quantum Break's known issues and workarounds can be found here.

Reports have suggested that Remedy Entertainment is also deep into development on an unannounced new game. Development of the project has reportedly been underway since August 2015.

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