Quantum Break Unlikely to Get More Windows Store Patches

More Quantum Break PC drama.


Following the announcement yesterday that Quantum Break is coming to Steam, developer Remedy has now suggested the Windows Store version will not receive any new updates.

Remedy head of communications Thomas Puha shared the news on Twitter, writing in response to someone who said Quantum Break's Windows Store version was not running as well as it could.

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"Sorry to hear you are having problems," Puha said. "It's unlikely we release another Win10 patch."

The suggestion here is that, if you want the best, most up-to-date version of Quantum Break, you'll need to pick up the Steam version when it launches in September. However, Remedy has not said anything just yet about what kind of support Steam players can expect after launch.

Puha was also asked if Remedy planned to offer a free Steam key or a discount to Quantum Break fans who bought the game on the Windows Store and now want it on Steam. It sounds like that's not going to happen, as Puha said, "We don't make those business decisions. We make the game."

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This is just the latest unfortunate situation surrounding Quantum Break's PC version. The original PC launch was something of a mess, with the game being broken for users of certain hardware and others finding it difficult to play with a stable frame rate. It also lacked support for things like G-Sync and FreeSync out of the gate.

Quantum Break arrives on Steam and at retail (in the form of a Timeless Collector's Edition) for $40 on September 14. The Steam version doesn't force you to use Windows 10, as it also supports Windows 7 and Windows 8. Players will also need a 64-bit version of their OS, but that's pretty common today.

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