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Quantum Break, developed by the studio that brought you the first two Max Payne games and Alan Wake, is one of Microsoft's big exclusives for 2016. Developer Remedy Entertainment is once again mixing time manipulation with fast-paced shooting, but that's not all.

Quantum Break also attempts to bring the world of video games and serialised TV together by including a number of live-action episodes in the game. But does it work and should you pick the game up? We've collected some reviews from around the internet to answer that question. Take a look below and by the time you're done you'll have a good overview of the critical reception.

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  • Game: Quantum Break
  • Developer: Remedy Entertainment
  • Platform: Xbox One, PC,
  • Release Date: April 5
  • Price: $60/£40
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GameSpot -- 6/10

"Quantum Break can be an interesting ride at times, but no matter how impressive the combat is, or how great the game looks, there's no getting around the fact that it's driven by a story with limited appeal and hindered by disappointing design decisions." -- Peter Brown [Full review]

GiantBomb -- 2/5

"There are a lot of sound ideas in the middle of Quantum Break and, hey, if you're a sucker for goofy time travel hijinks this game has that going for it, too. But those ideas are the only things holding this project together. The moment you look past that heady connective tissue, every single one of Quantum Break's individual elements fall flat." -- Jeff Gerstmann [Full review]

Polygon -- 8.5

"Remedy's touch and style is all over Quantum Break, which is a strength and, at a few points, a weakness as well. But it's more than that, a real transmedia experiment--I know how it sounds--that succeeds in ways that other games don't even try. There's some wonky shooting and a few cringe-worthy story cliches present. But ineffective cover systems and narrative fridges notwithstanding, Quantum Break feels like the first action game taking real lessons from the Netflix binge-watch era, and in that respect, it's a surprising success." -- Arthur Gies [Full review]

IGN -- 8.0

"Quantum Break is an artistically distinct shooter, with a compelling and malleable plot and excellent performances from its main players in both their digital and live-action forms. While I wish more thought had gone into maintaining the thrill of discovering its time-twisting powers from start to finish, it ultimately didn’t prevent me from thoroughly enjoying Quantum Break’s 10-hour campaign, two times over." -- Tristan Ogilvie [Full review]

Destructoid -- 8.5

"Remedy's keen understanding of how to make an action title shines through, and it's every bit a game that has been lovingly crafted for years. Quantum Break won't at all times feel like a game, as the player spends a fair chunk of time relegated to spectator. But, no matter which side Quantum Break is showing, it's always going to be a spectacular one." -- Brett Makedonski [Full review]

Kotaku -- No Score

"Despite how pedestrian some aspects of the game may be, I concluded Quantum Break feeling like something new had happened. Something special had happened that more than compensated for some of the flatness of the story and the mostly rote gunplay. A game simply never worked like this before, nor has a TV show. Because of that, what might have otherwise been ordinary feels extraordinary." -- Stephen Totilo [Full review]

The Jimquisition -- 8.5/10

"Quantum Break is not the most revolutionary of games, and its cute time toys cover what is, at heart, a fairly standardized shooter. However, it carries itself with style and speed to create something genuinely fascinating to play, flavored by a story that, while failing to pay off in the final stretch, is more detailed and engrossing than most in its league." -- Jim Sterling [Full review]

VideoGamer -- 8/10

"Quantum Break is a glorious use of current-gen power, with the visual fireworks on show making the combat feel positively joyous. As thoroughly entertaining as the whole package is, Quantum Break feels like it managed to reach only 80 per cent of Remedy's potential. If only the technology existed to go back in time to change some design docs." -- Tom Orry [Full review]

The Telegraph -- 3/5

"It would be easy, and not without justification, to suggest glazing over the narrative chutzpah and just enjoy the game. But Quantum Break’s narrative and gameplay have a habit of bumping into each other. This is a game with plenty of good ideas. Too many, perhaps, with none given the room to flourish in what is a lavish, clumsy but always entertaining cacophony." -- Tom Hoggins [Full review]

God is a Geek -- 7.0

"If nothing else, Quantum Break will be remembered for doing something new and risky and mostly succeeding, even if it doesn’t set the world on fire the way Remedy might hope." -- Mick Fraser [Full review]

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