Quantum Break Live-Action Episodes Can Be Skipped, Dev Hopes You Won't

"It's not locked and you can just keep playing, and the story will make sense."


If you're not interested in Quantum Break's live-action TV episodes, you won't have to watch them, developer Remedy Entertainment has confirmed. PR boss Thomas Puha explained to DualShockers that if you skip the episodes, you will still understand the overall story, but you'll miss out on some nuances.

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"I've played games for 30 years, and you know I've played through every Metal Gear, and I've never really had a problem with the cutscenes being really long," he said. "It's important to understand that the live-action episodes in Quantum Break are not cutscenes. It's like the whole sort of TV episode right there, and there’s four in the game.

"Now, if you want to keep playing, you can skip the episode," he added. "It's not locked and you can just keep playing, and the story will make sense. But it's been always designed from the ground up as a cohesive experience, where you should play the game and then watch the live-action."

Puha went on to say that he hopes people won't shrug off Quantum Break's live-action component, as he believes the show's story is rich and the production values high.

"Hopefully people will give it a try, instead of going, 'Oh that's dumb, I'm not going to try.' Just go ahead and try, and you can always just skip the episode and then just play the game. I think when people play, they'll realize, 'Wow I actually get to see what Paul Serene does, what Monarch is up to, and it's a really high production value live action show. I'll give this a try.' Hopefully that's what will be the reaction."

What happens in Quantum Break the game affects the TV component. Puha explained that there are four "junctions" in the game where the player is presented with a pair of choices. It's not as deep as a choose-your-own-adventure and it doesn't offer as much variation as something like Until Dawn, Puha said, but the choices you make will affect how the story plays out.

He also made it clear that Quantum Break has one ending, but how you get there can be "very, very different."

"So there's drastic things that happen, characters can die or live, but a lot of it is subtle," he explained. "Like even how Monarch reacts to you as the player, changes depending on what you choose to do. Even the radio shows change to reflect what you have done, the emails you can find reflect what you have chosen to do, how does monarch and people talk about you."

For lots more on Quantum Break's story, check out the full DualShockers interview.

Quantum Break is due to launch on April 5 for Xbox One and PC. Everyone who preorders the digital version for Xbox One gets a free Windows 10 copy. Quantum Break will not be sold on Steam, but instead only through the Windows 10 Store.

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