Quantum Break, Alan Wake Dev's Next Game To Debut At E3

Another round for the Quantum Break engine to boot.

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Quantum Break and Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment will announce its next game at E3, the studio has announced. The project, which has been codenamed P7, will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One under a new publishing agreement with 505 Games. The developer has also indicated that it will be using the Quantum Break engine again, and bringing it to PS4 for the first time since the studio's games have been Microsoft-exclusive for several years.

As first reported by PC Games N and confirmed by GameSpot, this will be a first-look at the game, but it will be hands-off for press in attendance. That sounds like it's still relatively early in development, which makes sense given that financial reports have indicated that P7 won't launch until sometime in 2019. Other games in 505's line-up include Bloodstained, Indivisible, and Underworld Ascendant.

Quantum Break sold well and broke Microsoft's expectations, according to Aaron Greenberg, but it was the last of a long-standing publisher relationship regardless. The Alan Wake games and Quantum Break were all Microsoft exclusives. The studio confirmed it was interested in developing cooperative multiplayer, back when P7 was a secret project said to be "in the conceptual phase."

Remedy has become known for cinematic experiences, to the point that Quantum Break blended gameplay choices with lengthy filmed cutscenes meant to be watched like a TV show. It was a bold experiment that paid off with effective performances, according to GameSpot's Quantum Break review, but some sloppy combat and platforming held it back from greatness.

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So most MS Confence will not much exclusives games and be all 3 party games.

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Go Remedy, go!!!

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Don't forget the quit button on your PC version this time. And it should be available on Steam from out of the gate.

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Hopefully the new game renders properly and is not a Quantum Blur.

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Ack! So much for the new Alan Wake I've been hoping for.....

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Not just you Bruh, I was hoping to at least here an announcement about an Alan Wake game. I'm not sure why MS isn't getting behind one of their strongest exclusives from lastgen.