Quantic: PS4 like the PC of 2014 or 2015

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls studio exec touts power of Sony's upcoming next-gen platform, says studio is seeing "big difference" over PS3.


The PlayStation 4 is like the PC of 2014 or 2015, Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere has claimed.

Speaking with GameSpot at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend, the executive said the Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls studio is seeing a major difference over the PlayStation 3 during initial tests for its in-development PS4 game.

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"We are already seeing in the first [PS4 tests] that we're doing a big difference," de Fondaumiere said.

He explained that the studio's goal with the new technology is, as it has always been, to capture the most realistic and authentic performance as possible. This will translate to believable characters in the end product, he said.

De Fondaumiere also revealed that the PS4 demo (below) Quantic Dream studio head David Cage showed off during the platform's announcement in February was just a "first glimpse" at what the technology is capable of rendering. The studio is working on an all-new engine for the PS4, he confirmed.

Though Quantic Dream's PS4 ambitions may be grand, de Fondaumiere admitted all technology--including Sony's next-gen platform--has limitations.

"There are limitations on the PlayStation 3 and there will be limitations on PlayStation 4," he said. "With the PlayStation 4, it's something that really is more like the PC of next year or two years."

Beyond: Two Souls launches October 8 exclusively for PS3.

Quantic Dream's PS4 game will, according to Cage, retain the studio's emphasis on narrative, though further details have not been divulged. He described the game as "incredibly exciting; it's one of the strongest concepts we've had at Quantic Dream and we're really excited about it."

The game may include multiplayer, a first for Quantic Dream, as the studio is currently seeking an online programmer with a "strong understanding" of the multiplayer genre. An ideal candidate would also have a "very deep and high knowledge" of online gaming and network development.

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