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Quantic Dream's Next Game Is Reportedly Called Star Wars Eclipse

The unannounced title is reportedly taking place during the High Republic era.


New reports suggest that Quantic Dream's rumoured Star Wars game is called Star Wars Eclipse, and will be set during the era of the High Republic. [Update: Star Wars: Eclipse was confirmed at The Game Awards.]

According to GamesBeat reporter and industry insider Jeff Grubb, Star Wars Eclipse will be the title of Quantic Dream's unannounced project. During his latest Giant Bomb podcast, Grubb claimed that the game is "likely going to show up somewhere soon"--possibly The Game Awards 2021.

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Grubb went on to explain that Star Wars Eclipe is "ready to be announced soon" and fans can expect an official announcement "before the end of the year." He also said that he isn't certain of the details but he does believe that it's set during the High Republic era.

The High Republic era takes place around 200 before the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and 800 years after the fall of the Old Republic. January 2021 marked the beginning of the new Star Wars era and saw the introduction of new stories spanning across books and comics, as well as introducing fans to a new cast of characters, including Jedi.

The rumours surrounding Quantic Dream's next game began circulating in September with reports suggesting that the game has been in development for 18 months. The Star Wars game is purportedly different from Quantic Dream's other, quick-time event games such as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. The game will, instead, have more traditional action-adventure gameplay, with an open-world environment, and multiplayer elements.

Quantic Dream has yet to confirm the reports that it's developing a Star Wars title.

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