Quantic Dream working on PS3 exclusive

The developer of The Indigo Prophecy and Omikron: The Nomad Soul teams up with Sony to work on next-gen title.


French developer Quantic Dream is working on a top-secret PlayStation 3-exclusive title, the company has revealed. Other than that, the company and collaborator Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios aren't saying much.

To date, the 10-year-old developer has released two games. The Nomad Soul (Omikron in the US) was the company's first title, published by Eidos Interactive and set in the futuristic city of Omikron. The ambitious game put players in control of a protagonist who could switch bodies at will to gain access to certain areas and avoid capture. David Bowie had a virtual character in the game, and music from his album Hours was featured in the soundtrack. It starts with a detective investigating a serial killer, but he quickly realises that something even more sinister is at work.

In 2005, Fahrenheit (The Indigo Prophecy in the US) became Quantic Dream's second release. The adventure game starred a brilliant young police detective investigating a series of brutal murders with her partner. Meanwhile, a third character investigates his growing suspicion that he is in fact the murderer.

The developer's founder, president, and CEO, David Cage, commented on the new title, "We always believed that 'next generation' meant more meaningful content based on players' emotional involvement. To us, PS3 is the only platform that can truly deliver on this promise."

Previously, the company had been confirmed as developing Omikron 2 for next-gen consoles. It also has been working on another next-gen title, which was shown at Sony's Electronic Entertainment Expo booth last year under the name Heavy Rain.

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