Quantic Dream already working on PlayStation 4 game

David Cage says upcoming PS4 game "one of the strongest concepts" the studio has ever had.


Quantic Dream founder David Cage has confirmed to GameSpot that work on its next-gen PlayStation 4 title is already well underway.

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The French studio's next game, Beyond: Two Souls, is out this October.

Quantic Dream's PS4 game will retain the studio's emphasis on narrative, but the developer isn't currently talking about what else to expect. But Cage does say the new game is "incredibly exciting, it's one of the strongest concepts we've had at Quantic Dream and we're really excited about it."

Quantic Dream has enjoyed a bit of a head start when it comes to PS4 development, having partially developed Beyond: Two Souls' engine on Sony's next-gen console.

"Because of our relationship with Sony we had access to development kits on PlayStation 4 very early on," said Cage, "we started developing [Beyond's] engine on PlayStation 4 with crazy features that were usually reserved to CG films. We were implementing them on PlayStation 4 thinking that it would already be a challenge, which it was, but at the same time we realised that some of these features could be implemented on PlayStation 3."

Speaking of the tech demo unveiled during the announcement of the PlayStation 4, Cage said "it's the engine of the next game. It's the technology. It's not a character from the next game but it is the technology we're going to use."

Last month Cage said he's already got his next three games in mind. "It's great because I have more ideas than I can develop," said Cage at the time.

This week Quantic Dream has also revealed more about Beyond: Two Souls, detailing plenty of information about the upcoming supernatural thriller. GameSpot has examined the latest footage.

Beyond: Two Souls is due to be released for PlayStation 3 on October 8.

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