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Quake's Successor Revealed

What game will dethrone Quake? GameSpot readers express themselves.


Which game will dethrone Quake? Hundreds of GameSpot users answered that question this week by responding to a survey in Spotlight, GameSpot's official e-mail newsletter. Here are their top five picks, along with excerpts of comments made about each game on the list.

5. Hexen II (5% support)

"Hexen II will blow away" - Stewart Gordon

"Hexen II will be the one to topple Quake, because the inclusion of a greater storyline and more role-playing features. Hexen II will be the next greatest first-person gaming experience" - Roan Mackintosh

4. Unreal (8% support)

"What game will stomp all over that sorry piece of code known as Quake? There is no question or debate- Unreal will do things id couldn't dream of." - Anthony Friesen

"I think the game that eventually will make people forget about Quake will be Unreal. That is, of course, assuming all the hype is true." - Pharm47

3. Jedi Knight

"What blue-blooded American hasn't dreamt of wielding a light saber and using the Force to turn a horde of intergalactic scum into a puddle of womprat feed?" - Dan Rubado

"I think, I KNOW, Jedi Knight is going to be the best new game out this, or any year. Jedi Knight will put Quake another 6 feet under." - Rancid

2. Duke Nukem FourEver! (16% support)

"Its going to be Duke Nukem Forever and the name itself suggests how long it'll last." - Vikram S

"While I suspect Quake II will start off with a bang, I think it's going to be the new Duke Nukem that finds itself king of the hill after all the dust settles from the onslaught of new games." - John Batzer, jr

"The new Duke Nukem game will probably take first…although I have not seen any pictures of what it will look like nor have I read anything about it so I can't say for sure." - Adam Snow.

1. Quake II (38% support)

"There are a ton of games coming out using Quake technology, but I think that John Carmack is going to keep all of the amazing parts of the engine reserved for Quake II." - Chris Hodge

"The only game that could ever knock Quake off its throne is Quake II. Just as the only game to knock Doom off of its throne was Doom II. id's games seem to get better and better, and the technological gap between id and other game companies gets bigger and bigger." - Troy Tomasky

"Quake II. Duh." - Lloyd Nickens

And just in case you were wondering what will happen to Quake once Quake II is released…

"Let me tell you one thing: QUAKE WILL NEVER DIE. It will forever be a classic. Never has a computer game brought so many people together. And when I'm 72 years old I'll look back at the days when I ran through hallways with a rocket launcher killing people. I'll get to tell my grandkids about the quads, campers, llamahs, clans, and everything else. Quake will never die as long as I'm alive…" - Wu-Gaunt, aka Alex Alabiso

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