QuakeCon is on

PC gaming event begins deep in the heart of Texas; Enemy Territory: Quake Wars playable by public for first time, $100k in cash and prizes up for grabs.


For hardcore PC gamers, there aren't many events bigger than QuakeCon, the annual meeting grounds for those who prefer to frag with a keyboard and a mouse. This year's event booted up today at 10 a.m. Central time in Dallas, Texas, at the Hilton Anatole. As always, the convention is sponsored by local developer id Software, the studio behind the Quake, Doom, and Castle Wolfenstein franchises.

The highlight of this year's convention is the first opportunity for the public to play Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, the next installment of the Quake series. The game was playable at the industry-only E3 expo in LA earlier this year, but this weekend will show off a more advanced build.

Another noteworthy happening at QuakeCon 2006 is Friday's keynote address by John Carmack, the cofounder and co-owner of id. For those in it to win it, there will also be Quake 4 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory tournaments, with a total of $100,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs.

QuakeCon 2006 runs through August 6. For more information, head over to the event's official Web site.

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They should get the key developers of doom and doom 2 to make doom 4.

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BAD FOR YOU.................IM GOIN AND IM 15!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEW!!!!!!!!!

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"Man it time like this that, I wish I have a car, but I be get one, when am 17, so I go Quakecon next year, I guess." Maybe you should go to EnglishCon in the meantime? Maybe, you should, go to grammer school, buddy.

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Man I really want to go to Quake Con everyone has talked about Quake con and all there lan parties I think there Lan Parties are Huge!

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im at quakecon right now and yes QuakeWars will be on PC, im almost sure they confirmed that (its awesome btw), and everyone who is within driving distance should come over today and check it out...ITS FREE! theres some info on the official quakecon website with some media and whatnot as well as a schedule of events.

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i never understood why people like playing FPS 'twitch' games on consoles. There's no other gaming tool better than a mouse and keyboard. When a developer makes a game for both PC and consoles the result is a 'nerfed' pc version. Shouldn't you be playing some racing game joe?

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All I want to hear there is that a Quake Wars will come out on the 360.

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"Man it time like this that, I wish I have a car, but I be get one, when am 17, so I go Quakecon next year, I guess." Maybe you should go to EnglishCon in the meantime?

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Awesome! Everybody knows fatality is gonna win:P

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DIE SROGG BASTERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good call Karamba, I want picks, live video feeds, all that crap. GameSpot failed us

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Bad ass, I live in Texas. But am 16 and don't have a car, also my mom working that day and I live in Garland, so am a little bit far away from Dallas, like, I think 30 min away, if you drive. Man it time like this that, I wish I have a car, but I be get one, when am 17, so I go Quakecon next year, I guess.

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Cool, but it's in TX so there is no chance of me going I guess. I wonder what the keynote will be. That should be interesting.

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Gamespot should put up a video or two from the event right? I'm quite sure they should and they better.

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I might be going in a couple hours. And if not today then tomorrow for sure.

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frag me some strogg :D hehehe

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Is Fatal1ty in this one?

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Wish i was there.

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OMFG, that Hilton is 23 miles away from my house!! i think i'll stop by there on Saturday.

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Well damn. Wish I could get in on that. Hey, if anybody with a GS account happens to be at QuakeCon, tell us what the game's like!

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