Quake III: Team Arena to Arrive in Stores Friday

Activision's expansion to the popular multiplayer game is complete and will be in stores by the weekend.


Quake III: Team Arena, Activision's official expansion to the popular multiplayer action game Quake III Arena, is complete and will arrive in stores starting this Friday, December 15. The expansion is the first official add-on developed by id Software since its expansion packs for Doom. It adds several new features to the game, including several deathmatch and capture-the-flag maps, as well as two new modes of play called harvester and obelisk. For more information about Quake III: Team Arena, take a look at our first impressions of the expansion.

Quake III: Team Arena will be available for an approximate retail price of US$29.99.

$14.95 on Amazon
$5.00 on Walmart

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