Quake III Sales Through the Roof

Activision's own numbers put sales of Quake III Arena past the 50,000 mark in only three days.


Activision and id Software have announced that, in only the first three days of sales, Quake III Arena has sold upward of 50,000 copies, according to the companies' internal tracking figures.

"Quake is easily one of the hottest brands in interactive entertainment, and we had high expectations for Quake III Arena at launch," said Dusty Welch, Activision's director of global brand management. "If sell-through and reorders are any indication, Quake III Arena is in the position to be the hottest PC game for the holidays".

To date, according to PC Data, Quake II has sold about 610,000 copies and Quake some 550,000 before it. With one million copies of Quake III Arena already manufactured, Activision hopes the game will significantly outsell its two predecessors.

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