Quake III Licensing Info

Id releases details on how to license its engine technology.


Id Software recently opened a web page devoted to its technology licensing program. Those interested in more information on the engines that John Carmack built for Quake, Quake II, and Quake III Arena can take a look at this new page. The page includes a bit of historical background on id's engine efforts, as well as information on pricing and tech support for developers.

It's worth noting that id recently dropped the Quake II engine's price by a substantial amount. It now costs a flat fee US$125,000, avoiding the royalties that would normally take nearly 10 percent of wholesale revenue. This may prompt some budding developers to take a new look at it. A recent BBC News report revealed that a Cambridge University team has adapted the technology for use in architectural visualization. Like the Unrealty project for Epic Games' engine, this application will let architects walk through their 3D CAD creations in an accessible format.

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