Quake Champions Launches Next Week Into Paid Early Access, Getting Playable Doom Guy

It'll be a free-to-play game eventually.

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Quake Champions

Although Quake Champions is still a ways from a full release, next week it moves out of closed beta and launches into Early Access. However, you'll have to pay to get in.

Quake Champions will eventually be available as a free-to-play title, but Bethesda at first will only offer paid versions of the game. If you want to try it out next week, you'll have to purchase the Champions Pack. This bundle includes access to all 11 heroes, any future Champions that are released, an exclusive Early Access skin for Ranger, and three loot chests.

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Bethesda also announced that the next playable character coming to Quake Champions is the Doom guy (whose official name is Doom Slayer). The Doom guy has the Berserk ability, which allows him to destroy enemies with his bare hands. His passive is, not surprisingly, a double jump. He'll be available next week.

The company is adding more content, as well, when the game goes into Early Access. There'll be two new maps, Rune Challenges, Lore collectibles that let you unlock a special skin, new customization options, and other changes.

You can pick up the Champions Pack for $30 while the game is in Early Access. When it fully launches, that price will be bumped up to $40. There's no word yet on when the free-to-play version will go live; however, Bethesda stated that if you've already been playing the beta, you can continue to play a limited, free version of the Early Access release that only lets you play as Ranger.

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