Quake 2 Wedding

This Valentine's Day, a South African couple will wed each other through a Quake 2 server.


This Monday, February 14, on Valentine's Day, a South African couple will marry each other in the holy sanctuary of a Quake 2 server. The bride and groom will say "I do" as the male and female (respectively) grunt models inside a Quake 2 Battlegrounds server to be hosted by M-Web's Gamezone, a popular South African gaming network.

"Our biggest worry is that one trigger-happy guest will get so excited he'll start shooting, and the wedding will turn into virtual killing frenzy," said Judge Gosh't, who'll be marrying the couple. "We'll then have to restart the whole wedding ceremony."

The two lovebirds will actually be sitting next to each other in a Pretoria cyber cafe, while Judge Gosh't will preside over the ceremony through his computer in his Cape Town home.

The wedding starts at 7pm local time February 14. Guests are invited to register at the official Quake Wedding web site, linked to the right.

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