QTest2 Rumor Dispelled

id clears the air on spreading word of an upcoming QTest2 for Quake 2.


Barrett Alexander, director of business development at id Software, updated his plan file on Wednesday with a comment to clarify the rumors that a QTest2 was in the works.

Barrett wrote:

"Someone wrote me today and said that there were rumors flying about that QTest2 was coming out soon.

I wrote back and said that there won't be a QTest2. Now there're more concerns from that statement, so let me clarify:

We all along have said there will be a demo released for Quake. This is a bit different from a 'QTest2', in that QTest2 would lead you to believe it would be the same type of thing as QTest was. QTest was a non-monster-populated, Internet playability test. The demo will not be like this.

The demo will be released when we are finished with it, and at that time you will get to see exactly what's in it :) And, I promise you will flip over it!"

Non-Quake historians should know that before there was Quake, there was a test to run through the Internet functions of Quake. Interestingly, it contained no monsters. Quake fans have been anxiously waiting for the sequel to Quake and after a little digging, we think we found the cause of the rumor.

On June 23, there was an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) posting that was appearing on some Quake fan sites all over the Web with id's American McGee. This is the posting:

" rit: we will be releasing a beta of the game that contains the first 3 levels... tokay, when is that beta rit: but there is no date set the first 3 levels of the game? or just 3 some levels slip: first three levels it will be a test to see how the engine runs on everyone's machines kinda like the qtest thing, yes"

When we wrote Barrett to ease his mind a little, he replied, "Ah, I understand. We had considered it, but were unaware that we had announced it (essentially in the end we ditched the idea)."

So now Quake fans just have to wait for the upcoming demo. If any other rumors come up, we're more than happy to dig up the truth.

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