Q*Bert hops to PS3

Sony Online Entertainment brings beloved orange thing to downloadable store next week.


Sony Online Entertainment isn't exactly synonymous with retro gaming, but the publisher is doing a lot of the heavy lifting in bringing older titles to the PlayStation 3. Last month the company announced that it was bringing six vintage Midway arcade games to the PlayStation Network online store, and the company followed it up this week with word that it was bringing a Gottlieb classic to the PS3 as well.

Next week, Sony Online Entertainment will release Q*Bert for the PlayStation Network's online store. The game will support resolutions up to 720p and incorporate worldwide online leaderboards. The edges of the game's playfield on the PS3 will also be framed by artwork designed to mimic that of the 1982 arcade cabinet, with pictures of the game's characters, including Q*Bert, Ugg, Coily, and Wrong-Way. Q*Bert is set for release February 22 and will carry a price of $4.99.

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