Q&A: Reggie Fils-Aime's Revolution resolutions

Nintendo's outspoken executive talks about his company's plan to win the next-gen console war in 2006.


Sometime later this year, both Sony and Nintendo will release their next-generation video game consoles, the PlayStation 3 and the Revolution, respectively. The new machines offer the promise of state-of-the-art graphics and could leave their predecessors, the PlayStation 2 and GameCube, in the dust.

But the two consoles will be launched into a video game atmosphere in which software sales are slowing, and many worry that innovation has been forgotten in lieu of a never-ending flow of sequels. And while franchises like Electronic Arts' Madden and Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. are reliable best-sellers, some fear that the industry has lost its enthusiasm for creating brand-new titles.

Thus, though the November launch of Microsoft's next-generation console, the Xbox 360, was considered a success, and it's still hard to find one of the machines, there's been a notable lack of excitement over any of the Xbox launch titles. And that's because, though there were a couple of brand-new games for the Microsoft console, most of the 18 that were available for launch were sequels.

For its part, though, Nintendo said it plans to bring a new level of innovation to the table with Revolution. And with that in mind, CNET News.com recently caught up with Reggie Fils-Aime, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Nintendo America, and asked him about the company's plans going forward.

Q: We understand you have some New Year's resolutions for Nintendo. Let's start there.

RFA: Sure. From my perspective, I have five resolutions for the industry heading into 2006. The first is keeping our eyes on the prize. This industry is about entertainment, and in the end, he with the best games wins. So at Nintendo, we're focused on putting the most-entertaining products into the marketplace.

The second resolution is keeping the "mass" in the mass audience. The world is fragmenting all around us, and many companies are making their products too exclusive and expensive for the general consumer.

For example, for American consumers to get into the Xbox 360 franchise, with games and extra controllers, they had to spend more than $700, not including an HDTV, which is really the only way to positively experience 360. We resolve at Nintendo to remain within reach for the vast majority of our consumers.

Q: How?

RFA: By first creating gaming-centric systems and consoles, whether it's handhelds or home consoles. That will ensure that for gamers, our products are totally focused on their needs, versus products that try to integrate music or other things that, frankly, aren't what great gaming experiences are all about.

Q: Since you mentioned pricing, I assume the Revolution will be accessible to gamers for substantially less than $700?

RFA: That's correct. Our third resolution is to stop turning away new players.

This industry has become more and more focused on the niche, and at Nintendo, we've opened our systems to a wide range of consumers. Whether it's consumers older than 35 or female gamers, we've attracted them with Nintendogs and Animal Crossing, so we've resolved to bring as many new consumers into this industry as possible.

Q: And the fourth resolution?

RFA: It is to turn game development into a democracy of great ideas. Just as the cost of systems seems to be getting out of reach for everyday consumers, the cost of game development is getting out of reach for game publishers. The Revolution will be more affordable for game developers to create for, and that will result in fantastically innovative content.

Q: Let's talk handhelds. Obviously, the Nintendo DS is doing well, with 13 million sold so far. But Sony's PSP seems to have more buzz.

RFA: I disagree. The DS is outselling [the] PSP across the world. The DS is also generating huge buzz in the blogosphere. The fact is, we have a number of not only worldwide but even US-centric million-unit-selling games, and Sony doesn't.

We have games that are successfully expanding the audience for gaming for [the] DS, and that's not true for Sony. The buzz for the DS is huge and growing, and the most anticipated handheld titles are on our platform, not on Sony's.

Q: OK, so what about the fifth resolution?

RFA: The mythical performance vector for this industry is more processing power and prettier pictures, but what's really driven growth is actually improving the way consumers play and get into the game. It's what we've successfully done with the Nintendo DS and what we're committed to doing with the Revolution and the controller we've unveiled for [the] Revolution.

Q: Tell me about the controller. What makes it noteworthy?

RFA: It allows you to essentially manipulate the game by pointing at it. The activity that happens in the game is quite responsive with the controller, and we've shown that sports games can be brought to a new level of immersion with the controller.

Q: How so?

RFA: It allows you to manipulate not only a puck or a football, but also to manipulate the player in a way that's never been done before. So if I'm developing a football game, I can move across the field, focus against a particular receiver with pinpoint accuracy and throw the ball right to that receiver much as a real-life quarterback does.

That level of immersion really has never been done before. We know it's exciting because we have partners like EA and Ubisoft and Activision and THQ excited about developing for the Revolution.

Q: How many launch titles will there be for the Revolution?

RFA: That question's a bit premature. We'll be showing a lot of titles at this year's E3, and we think that's where consumers will get a flavor for the full range of titles and the full range of activity that we will have for our launch window.

Q: And what is the launch date?

RFA: We've said 2006. [NOTE: Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has since said the game will arrive in the US by Thanksgiving.]

Q: What else will set the Revolution apart from the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3?

RFA: A number of things. First, our titles. We have the huge luxury of a stable of franchises that's unparalleled in this industry. Also, we're working on new franchises and our first-party lineup will be better than our competition. We're also getting strong third-party support.

Secondly, our virtual console concept, which lets you play your favorite games from the Nintendo 64, Super NES and NES systems, will also be a differentiator. Plus, Revolution will be backwardly compatible with GameCube games.

Q: How do you think the Revolution will sell?

RFA: We will sell more units than [the] Xbox 360 did here in the United States in our launch window. I mean, in December, we sold more GameCubes in the United States than Microsoft sold 360s, and Revolution will do better than that.

Q: How will the DS do head-to-head against the PSP, going forward?

RFA: We expect a gangbuster year for DS in 2006. I think that's because we've successfully launched the Wi-Fi Connection for Nintendo DS. We've had more than 10 million connections to the servers on a worldwide basis and over half a million unique users in a short seven-week time frame.

Just for perspective, it took Xbox Live over six months to get to that level, so we're very proud of the way we've grown that business. We're also very confident with [the] DS, given a number of impending launches we've announced, including Metroid Prime: Hunters.

We've also announced Tetris DS, which has a total of six different modes of play, including classic Tetris play as well as a number of mechanisms that are playable both in local-area networks and via Wi-Fi. There will also be a new Super Mario Bros. title in 2006. So just in looking at the tools and packages we have, we're very confident in our success for [the] Nintendo DS this year.

Q: Terrific. Finally, can you tell me how Nintendo will reverse the perception that the console market is Sony and Microsoft and then Nintendo?

RFA: The fact is this: On a worldwide basis in the home console area, we are the number two player. Here in the United States, if you look at today, we are the number three player, so I understand where the perception comes from that we are not doing as well in the home console market as we are in the handheld business, where we dominate worldwide.

Our focus for [the] Nintendo Revolution is to provide real, meaningful differentiators versus our competition, and we believe that is what will drive our success. First, focusing on a single-minded gaming device. Second, bringing real innovation to the controller in the way consumers play the game. Third, a value orientation that certainly is not present with our competitors. Fourth, leveraging the power of our library with the virtual consoles.

So that's how we believe our success formula will play out in home consoles, and our focus is on executing that four-point program.

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Nintendo pwns! :P

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well, theyre alrady winning they just need to keep the first place

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I'm with Go Nintendo :)

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if u can read this and u like sony a phycotic mainiac will have a knife to ur kneck in 3 ... 2 ... 1....

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nintendo owns. i always subconsciencely beleived in the same ideals as they do. plus 200 $ is excellent for such an awsome system. to tell u the truth i would pay like 350$ for it so 200 or 250 $ is great. plus the games r awsome and so is that controller.

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Another great part about the Wii (no longer Revolutions) is that it will be so compact: about as small as three dvd cases put side-by-side! It can be placed right side up or on its side. Portability is a great asset. Look at how big the Xbox and Xbox 360's are. Its a hassle to lug around.

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Ya everyone think Nintendo is third but it is second in international sales.

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i can't wait for the revolution!! woo its gonna be saweet and finallya next gen console for cheap

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Though I am not a fanboy of any system (I generally acquire all of the major systems at some point); I have become more and more impressed with Nintendo's new ideals and stances on the gaming industry, than I am about the PS3. I own an X360 now, and Oblivion seems to conquer all of my time on gaming at the moment; but as I try to figure out which system I will get next, I believe I will get the Revolution. And if it is as good as it is being hyped, my 360 may take a second seat to that, and who knows when I'll get the PS3... I certainly remember going through a number of PS2's in the first year, so I'll say now, I wont be getting that console probably for a year or so since it will probably also be as cheaply made (I'm talking manufacturing wise, not the the specs and such, I know it will be quite a deal even at $600 and whatnot) but I don't think it is worth the risk. As far as I'm concerned with Nintendo, the only product I've had from them that I've had any problems with in the past was the NES, and even then you just had to blow into it and do all that crap heh. All the other systems have lasted forever it seems, and never had any problems reading discs or skipping, etc. Bring it on Nintendo, show us what you're made of. We're tired of the kiddy crap, make it like you say it, and impress all of us gamers of all ages and genders.

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i freakin love nintendo. rock on for the REVOLUTION!!!!!!

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Sounds like they have a pretty good ideas

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Reggie tells it like it is. Nintendo should stick to its strengths and ignore the threat of hype - Microsoft will always win that battle in America. Gaming history will be dominated by King N.

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I guess that shows up those silly X-Box fanboys. The only people who can afford a 360 without going bankrupt is Bill Gates, and even then only barely. Lets hear it for affordable, enjoyable, pure gaming. W00T

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200$ iwould definately buy one plus it plays the 30 gamecube games i have i hope they come in platinum

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SOny will be first forever.

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ninja18 he dosen't just say good things e.g "The fact is this: On a worldwide basis in the home console area, we are the number two player. Here in the United States, if you look at today, we are the number three player, so I understand where the perception comes from that we are not doing as well in the home console market as we are in the handheld business, where we dominate worldwide." he's admiting nintendo is suffering in the home console area so you're an idiot

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Funny, he is a sales rep for Nintendo, all he will have to say is good things about the people who are paying him. You people are idiots.

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This will be the greatest system ever!!!

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The Revolution is the only next gen system I'm actually excited about. I'm anxious to see the PS3 as well but not as much. Xbox 360 I wasn't too thrilled about. Graphics are nice and such but I get just as much enjoyment as playing Perfect Dark Zero on the 360 as I do battling it out with a friend playing Contra on the NES. People buy systems for the games, whoever has the best games has the best system bottom line. Looks like Nintendo is on the right track

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I'll be on this like white rice on a paper plate with a glass of milk in a snow storm if it's that cheap.......not untill i get a ps3 foyst!

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THANK YOU NINTENDO! Jeez, the gaming world nowadays is sickening. Nintendo is absolute correct. Everything is about horsepower and graphics while the gameplay goes on to be as stale as 4 year old bread (going off of the number of years of this and soon to be next gen). It isn't bad when people like Hideo manage technology properly, but that is designer out of many and that just isn't enough to merit the costs of these consoles. Even though I side with the PSP over the DS (seeing how the DS was just conceived to combat PSP sales), I will admit the DS has better (albeit non-taking-advantage-of-its-hardware and therefore furthing the fact that its existence is sketchy), and most importantly, more fun software. I really do hope the Revolution garnishes the sales it deserves. Nintendo continues to put the most genuine and respectable effort into the industry.

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If I'm not mistaken, there could possibly be some more info tomorrow. eh, eh?!?!

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Nintendo is NOT the father of video gaming, or even Shigeru Miyamoto. The TRUE father of gaming is a Jewish war vet named Ralph Baer, he patented the idea in 1968, 4 years before pong existed.

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wow alot of ppl love nintendo, alot of ppl who hate nintendo, and alot of ppl who wish they just die already, don't understand why people are so afraid of change in life, it's like getting a girlfriend then she wants our relationship to chance make it better, anyways too many PS and sony fans coming in tellling everyone that nintendo will fail and will not suceed in E3 or anywhere, sigh same ol's boring comments as usual. After reading Mr. Reggie's points and resolution, thank god someone is sheding some light about nintendo, I had it up to here about playstation rock or xbox own j00 (you) sick of this crap, I want to play games with interesitng ways to get threw it, I want to get into the story that don't involve 20 secs of loading to to show some CG movie effects just pull off some MGS style (you know what I mean :) ) I really can't wait for Nintendo Revolution I really want to play it and under 300? wow thats gonna be affordable to 13 year olds who save up there money. I play sony game and xbox and Game cube games, I don't want to hear a snot-nose kid's half-ass/smart comment on why nintendo sucks, I don't wanna go through with the BS I'm about to say so I'll be blunt, grow up no matter what you say, no matter how much you hate it, and no matter how much you want it to die Nintendo Revolution is coming there re-fixing there mistakes, I may not know about specs or 1,2,3rd party games but I do know whats a potential system and whats not, I said my comment feel free to flame me, I cause I will ignore it. I will say something from batman what joker said, to reggie : you are my number one...guy

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Cant wait

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The bottom line is that it all comes down to the games. I am an old school Nintendo fan, but I bought a PSX when the original Resident Evil came out. If the XBOX 360 has some killer apps (still waiting) then many people will by it. If the PS3 has some great games, then it will sell well too (but the price point could be an issue). With the Revolution, we already know it will have GREAT games. I want to relive Super Mario World and Zelda III from the SNES. We know those games will be on the Revolution, and they are STILL great games. That's why, for now, I'll have to give Nintendo the edge for the next generation of consoles. P.S. How many days left until E3????

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stkr you are the true defintion of what a fanboy is, don't listen to reason, and can't see the facts. What is your problem, I hate halo also, but I don't question peoples reasons why they like it. Though I do think they like it b/c it was practically the only good game that came out for X-box which like you said was not that good. But to say it's stupid and MS sucks and Sony is okay is a farcry from what reality is. Lets put it this way, X-box was MS's first take on a console and yet they beat out your "godfather" Nintendo. Well son, looks like the student has surpassed the master cuz that innovative crud just did not work well enough for you guys cuz X-box smoked Gamecube. Who cares about the japanese market. It's ONE count them ONE island against the world. ANd that whole wifi crap about how he said it outbeat X-box live at first is retarded to say. That's like you and me running a race, but after you beat me I say " Well i was the first off the line so THERE!" cmon, this guy sounds like a little baby, giving lousy excuses why their system did not sell. I wanna get a revolution, don't get me wrong, and I DON"T OWN A X-BOX but hearing you guys side with this crap is like hearing people side with a president no matter what he did wrong.......crazy! DS does well and they deserve too, they have been in the friggin busines since '89, and lets not forgot GameBoy needed some hits bad b/c tetris was getting mighty boring when I was younger, pokemon saved their arse.

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I especiallly love how he says people stick to sequels yet toward the end of his ramble he talks about a new tetris, metroid, and super mario......w/e

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For the first time in a while, I really like what Nintendo has to say and also for the first time in a while I am actually getting excited over the possibilities and the low price of the Revolution.

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GO REVOLUTION, DS, and PS3!(I'm also a big Sony fan)

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Go Nintendo! Sony sucks... believe me I have a bad experience with Sony( tries to smash PS2).

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I said it once and I'll say it again. Nintendo is the father of gaming and MS and Sony are its children. The gaming industry was a joke and it was dead here in the US. All the lame MS and Sony fanboys are obviously ignorant if they feel Sony and MS are better than Nintendo because if Nintendo had not revived the gaming industry everyone at Sony and MS would be woking in fast food serving friggin hamburgers and frenchfries. So go ahead and claim MS and Sony but in the end all will bow before Nintendo. Nintendo has the most loyal fans of any gaming company. They were bound to slip up at some point, and that came with the gamecube. They've made some mistakes and hopefully they've learned from them but you are bound to make mistakes when you have to make one system to please the Eu, American, AND the Japanese market. The xbox, and 360, aren't doing too well in Japan because they could give a Flying F*** about microsoft. And I could either. The ps2 is okay in my opinion but its not my type of system, plus the gamecube is a more powerful and rugged system. When I bought my gamecube I wanted to play games, not listen to cds and watch dvds because I have a ipod and a dvd player so whats the point? I beleive the Revolution will do well and will probably outsell the ps3 and 360 at some point, maybe not right away, because who in the hell has 400-750 dollars to blow on a game system. MS sucks. who in the hell releases a premium system or whatever it was. By the time you brought the things you needed to turn the thing on youd spent the same amount as the higher system. I guess they were trying to copy Apple and the ipod nano and the video. "You can get crap or you can get crap with the extras," says MS. Thats bull. Nintedo recognizes that everyone cant dish out that much money so they deliver what they can and they rock. The day I buy a 360 hell will freeze over because the games for it SUCK with a capital S (lol) and the day I buy anything from Sony will be the day Nintedo falls. Everyone praises Halo 1 and 2. Why? The games aren't THAT good. I mean c'mon. In my book Nintendo rules, Sony's okay, and MS should stick to pcs.

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Hopefully the Revolution will do better than the Gamecube because Nintendo needs it. It is in last place when it comes to console gaming and they need to step up their game. Innovation isn't always the best thing in the world, I tmay have taken 6 months for XBOX Live to get as many people playing it as Nintendo Wi-Fi, but XBOX Live wasn't free, and required much more, and even more, playing Halo 2 on XBOX Live beats Mario Kart DS, any day.

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Oh boy, here we go. First, I must say, it's really funny to see all of the Microsoft and Sony fanboys immediately put down the Revolution because it's made by Nintendo. And it's funny to see them talk trash about the DS and say that the touch screen is just a gimmick and that the PSP is owning the DS in terms of sales and games. Those people really need to see the writing on the wall and get their friggin' facts straight. The DS is doing much better in the American and especially Japanese markets. (I really envy the Japanese game market, it's cooler than ours) And even funnier to see is all of the MS and Sony fanboys call Nintendo a "kiddie company", putting out only E rated games. But enough about that. Onto the Revolution. Now, I admit, I'm excited about the Revolution more than the other two next-gen consoles, but that doesn't mean that's the only one I'm buying. I plan to put my money down for a PS3 eventually, once the price goes down at least. The 360 I won't give a chance, sadly. One, the console is way out of my price range, and two, the games are pretty much crap. I'm one of those people who buy games and consoles based on gaming quality, not graphics, or how many things you can do with it that have nothing to do with gaming. And the 360 has a very how you say, lackluster game library. Now, I'm not going to say that the Revolution will be the best system and the other two will suck, because it hasn't come out yet, and I haven't gotten a feeling for the gaming experience. The same for the PS3. I don't know what to say for the 360. But the Revolution's coming from Nintendo, which is yes, my favorite gaming company, and I always expect innovative, fun, and sometimes quirky things from Nintendo, and I was very pleasantly surprised to see the Revolution's controller. I also had my doubts, but I'm sure that Nintendo will make the controller scheme work out just fine. Oh joy, now to talk about the games themselves. I have faith that Nintendo and all of the companies that will develop for the Revolution will create quality games. And sure, Nintendo will create a lot of games based on its existing franchises, but don't just expect to see nothing but Mario or Zelda or Kirby. Nintendo will deliver new franchises within time. And that's also the reason I like Sony as well. Sony holds one of my most favorite gaming franchises of all time, Katamari Damacy. And you can't go wrong with games like DDR, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts. The 360 has potential, but right now, really doesn't have anything worth playing. And I'm not too sure about Halo 3, because all in all, the Halo series isn't as great as everyone says it is. I know. I've played both Halos. All in all, you really can't judge a system that is due to be released until the system is released. I look forward to E3 with bated breath. And seriously, the week of E3 should be a national gamer holiday, and school should be off. And I'm sorry for practically writing an essay.

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I got information for everyone that has only been focusing on the revolution and not on its competition. I will focus mainly on Sony. They are putting in too many expensive items. I don't care too much for HD, as Microsoft did it, but I am worried about what will happen if they keep going with the Blu-Ray System. That thing is brand new and FRIGGIN' EXPENSIVE. I read that if they go with all the details they have put into the PS3, in order to keep up with Microsoft's sales lost per unit (100-125 per unit) then Sony would have to sell the PS3 for 775-800 dollars. How many people in the world would say, "Hey, I want a PS3. OOOH, pricy. Aww, what the heck, I got a million other paychecks left in my life. I think I'll buy three controllers, four fifty dollar games, and give up a grand total of 1000+ dollars because I can't think of anything else to spend it on." It is not reasonable. That is why it is Microsoft's strategy to take Sony out of the business. I bet that even on the release day, at the end of it, there will be about three PS3s left at that price. Unless Sony can turn around their system with some adjustments, like dropping Blu-Ray, I can only see them going down smoking. No offense to Sony fans, as I play the PS2 quite a bit, but I say to sony, DROP THE BLU-RAY. DVDs are already good digital quality, but WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS CARES ABOUT HIGH-DEF DVDS WHEN THE DEFINITION IS ALREADY HIGH. P.S. I was looking at past reviews and saw that someone said the PSP was outselling the DS. I have said this too many times, and I hate to say it again, but, IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT SOMETHING, MAKE SURE IT IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. The DS is outselling the PSP by a mile.

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Insert Nintendo Fanboy Phrase

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Thank you, Nintendo. Thank you for all the hard work placed into these wonderful games. You will pull this off, make everyone happy, and Sony and Microsoft will rear their heads up from the dust they arose during their long fight to see you guys leading by example. During all of this, we gamers benefit from wonderful creations from the leaders in the industry. Please, Nintendo, do well with this controller, make this NWC online system shine as bright as Xbox Live, and (pLeAsE!!!) enable high definition for this new system. 480p, at least. You would make so many people happy. I would easily pay 250 dollars on your system, even 300, and purchase three extra controllers, a few 2 GB sandisk cards, bongos, microphones, cameras, and any other wacky devices just to experience the joy i had when i bought my nintendo 64, my super nintendo, even my gameboy. The same company who introduced the rumble pak, the analogue joystick, the first savable game(zelda nes), and the lightgun is the same company that concieved the idea of a 3D mouse in the shape of a TV remote. Wow, I gotta hand it to you guys. If this company, Nintendo, had never existed, there would be a lot of people in this world with nothing to do. And slow reflexes. Again: Thank you, Nintendo, for your dedication to what matters most: playing games.

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Let me take a few pokes at Nintendo for a minute. Poke #1: It surprises me that a marketing guy for Nintendo USA would be taking a back-seat approach to HD....Seeing as how the US is on it's way to streamlining and standardizing HD.The HD area is upon us wether the people at Nintendo realize it or not.Just like Nintendo said online console gaming wasn't going to make it this generation and there doing it again with HD.Microsoft showed them with Xbox Live just how well Online console gaming can be done and both Sony and Microsoft are going to do it again with HD in the coming generation. Poke #2: The Japanese game market is surrounded by a titanium bubble..The amazing thing about this bubble is that things can easily go from inside to the outside, but it's next to impossible to get things in.Alot of the Japanese market approach games/consoles with a bit of prejudice.The US and EU markets approach games/consoles from different markets/cultures more openly, weighing the best in Gameplay/Graphics/Story.Thats why a Japanese developed game/console can easily make it big in the US or EU but the same can't be said in the reverse. So saying your console is #2 worldwide when one of the biggest reasons for that is a prejudice Japanese market...really doesn't give that #2 spot much weight.It's just like saying your game/console doesn't have to be the best in Gameplay/Graphics/Story it just has to be Japanese made.A Japanese console will always be on top of an American or European console because of the bias Japanese market, it doesn't matter how much better it is. end of rant.....

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Nintendo has better ideas and First-Party software (Think Mario and POK

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adroitone "Bl4ckAdDer The funny thing is, if it weren't for Microsoft to create softare technology in the first place and still does for many great game creators today, there would no games, you can't take Bill Gates down, unless all game software company only used a linux setup computer." Boy are you wrong, there were GUI's and computers way before Microsoft came into the picture my friend. Granted they were mainframe computers, but they existed well before Bill Gates. Now, it's funny, if it wasn't for Nintendo reviving the video game industry after Atari was running it down, there would be no Xbox or Playstations. you couldn't be more right. Nintendo is the father of gaming in america. sony and micro. are just the children. i admit they've been doing better, but come on, everyone not going to dish out 400 dollars for an 360 with graphics barely better than a normal xbox(unless you have hdtv). I believe the revo will be nintendo big come back.

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Doesn't Mr. Reggie remind you of homeboy from the EVIL DEAD series?

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Alright Nintendo. Don't sing it. Just bring it.

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Kayrod29, not everyone is a lazy-ass like you, please don't stereotype. Plus, even if Nintendo doesn't beat out micro$oft or $ony, they will still make a larger profit margin, and really when it boils doewn to it that is what business is all about, not the flash, dazle or glitz. Nintendo is not sega, sega released alot more bad consoles before they went down than nintendo has, though the GC wasn't that bad, I think 3rd party developers left to early. Well thats all i have to say.