Q&A: Ghostbustin' with Terminal Reality

VP of marketing Joe Kreiner talks about the licensed game's long road to release and the Texas studio's plans for stoking interest in its Infernal Engine.


At last week's 2009 Game Developers Conference, hundreds of developers were on hand to tout their wares and services. One was Terminal Reality, best known during the last console generation for its vampiric action series BloodRayne, which was subsequently made into two critically pilloried films by Uwe Boll.

Joe Kreiner
Joe Kreiner

Luckily, Terminal Reality's first foray on current-generation consoles has a much more auspicious origin. The company is currently putting the finishing touches on Ghostbusters, based on the eponymous 1984 supernatural comedy classic starring Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Bill Murray. All three actors are lending their voices and likenesses to the game.

After an unsanctioned attempt by Slovenian studio ZootFly, the game adaptation was brought to Terminal Reality by Vivendi Games subsidiary Sierra Entertainment. There it gestated until last summer, when Vivendi merged with Activision--and the new company, Activision Blizzard, announced that it had no plans to publish Ghostbusters. Luckily, the newly privatized Atari stepped into the breach, agreeing to publish the game last November.

So how exactly did Atari pick up Ghostbusters? Why did Activision get rid of it? And how is Terminal Reality's attempt to market its middleware suite, the Infernal Engine, going in a space dominated by Epic Games' Unreal Engine--and threatened by a worldwide econopocalypse? GameSpot chatted with Terminal Reality vice president of sales and marketing Joe Kreiner to find out.

GameSpot: So it's been a long time coming, but Ghostbusters is finally coming out. It's still on track to ship on June 16, correct?

Joe Kreiner: It is, yes.

GS: Cool. Now, this is developed top to bottom with Terminal Reality's Infernal Engine, right?

JK: Yeah, that's correct. Ghostbusters: The Video Game is the tool we're going to use to show off what the Infernal Engine's capable of. We feel when that comes out--it gives us a showcase to really demonstrate the capabilities of the Engine, the Velocity Physics Engine that we include inside of Infernal, which is developed in-house.

Ghostbusters has some really realistic environments. It's all about the cool destruction [that] Ghostbusters the movie was about--the Ghostbusters running into the Sedgwick Hotel and breaking the place up and causing mass chaos.

GS: And slime, don't forget slime.

JK: Yeah, exactly, getting slimed. [Laughs] And all that's in the video game. We designed the Velocity Physics Engine essentially around those needs, and then adapted it to using it as a licensed solution. We feel it's very flexible and just adds some really cool realism that we haven't seen in video games yet.

GS: Well, let's start at the beginning of the whole Ghostbusters saga because this is an interesting story, especially its angled origin. Now, a demo for a Ghostbusters game was done by a Slovenian studio called ZootFly, right? That has nothing to do with [PlayStation 2 and Wii developer] Red Fly, right?

JK: No.

GS: OK then. So those guys came up with their own demo thing based on Ghostbusters, and then Terminal Reality and Red Fly took it over?

JK: No. The ZootFly thing was separate. I really don't know much about those guys, or what they were working on. But we were approached by [now-defunct Vivendi label] Sierra [Entertainment] to do Ghostbusters.

Dan Aykroyd's game doppelganger.
Dan Aykroyd's game doppelganger.

GS: So you were approached by Sierra to do Ghostbusters? Because we got the information outside the usual PR food chain, since Dan Aykroyd likes to speak to Canadian media outlets.

JK: So the way it worked is we were talking to Sierra, not only to show them the Infernal Engine and what it was capable of, but pitching them on a project that they ended up not picking up. But once they saw the physics engine that we have in the Infernal Engine, and the technology that we had, they thought that Ghostbusters would be a great fit and offered it to us. And, of course, everyone here at Terminal Reality is a big Ghostbusters fan. So we were elated to be able to work on the franchise.

GS: Yeah, I mean it's a marquee franchise, especially with the whole Gen-X nostalgia thing. So Red Fly--and just to make it clear, you guys don't own Red Fly--they're doing part of the development just on a Wii version of it?

JK: Yes, Red Fly is a licensee of the Infernal Engine. So they have access to our technology. And they are doing the Wii and the PlayStation 2 version of Ghostbusters.

GS: And you've also enlisted all the major cast members besides Sigourney Weaver, correct?

JK: Yeah, that's correct. The original cast is all on the video game. They were very influential in the development, including the script. The voice acting in Ghostbusters is unique in that it really gives you the feel of the movies and the comedy style of the original.

Harold Ramis, in the game.
Harold Ramis, in the game.

GS: Well, Harold Ramis cowrote it, right?

JK: Yeah.

GS: How involved were Ramis, Aykroyd, and Murray in the game-design process? Did they give you any ideas for any missions or whatnot, or did they just show up and read their lines? I mean, I can't imagine Bill Murray being a big gamer, but maybe he is...

JK: [Laughs] Yeah, the original cast was really influential in the design. I mean, they were with us from day one on the story, and the way the video game should be developed, and provided an amazing amount of voice acting for us. I've got to say that the amount of talent that's gone into Ghostbusters: The Game is probably an unprecedented effort from the original cast.

GS: Now, people have been really looking forward to Ghostbusters ever since it was announced, myself included. So many people were disappointed when it was announced that following the Activision-Vivendi union, Activision Blizzard would not be publishing your game. When did you guys first learn of that development?

JK: We knew about it relatively quickly after the announcement of the merger.

GS: I can imagine.

JK: It was a choice on Activision's part. I think Bobby Kotick came out and said that it just didn't fit the business model they were looking for.

GS: So it didn't involve Guitar Hero or Call of Duty, eh?

JK: Well, they're looking for titles that they can continue to franchise year-over-year. And to be honest, we really feel that Ghostbusters is one of those titles.

GS: It could even be made into a movie or animated TV series...

JK: Yes. Anyway, we're really excited that Atari picked it up. And I think [Atari president] Phil Harrison is on the record for saying he's going to try to prove Activision wrong. And I think we've got a great shot. Ghostbusters looks phenomenal. We're all very excited about it coming out.

GS: So you mentioned Phil Harrison. So once you guys were jilted, for lack of a better term, who approached whom? Did Atari approach you, or were you negotiating with a bunch of other publishers and they just made you the best offer? How exactly did the deal come about?

JK: Yeah, I wouldn't call it "jilted." Like I said, Activision just decided it didn't fit in the model they wanted. They were shopping it around with the other publishers...

GS: Activision was?

JK: Activision was, yeah, because they were the ones handling those discussions with all the other publishers. It just so happened that Atari won those battles.

GS: Apparently. So now, working for Atari--they've gone through a tumultuous self-reinvention themselves. What's it been like working with this new model, their whole new organizational structure?

JK: It's been great. I've got to say Phil Harrison's created a new Atari that's got a lot of energy and a new direction. And we're really excited about it. I think Ghostbusters: The Game is going to be a centerpiece for them for this year and reestablish them as a highly successful publisher.

GS: So what's the biggest challenge in marketing and launching Terminal Reality's Infernal Engine? I mean, let's face it, the middleware market is pretty much dominated by Epic Games' Unreal Engine.

JK: I think our biggest challenge is establishing the fact that we're a viable alternative to the other engines out there. The focus of our marketing is to show the world that the Infernal Engine is a complete solution, providing all the visual fidelity of the other engines that are out there. We include our own physics engine, which is a big differentiator.

We're also a lot more cross-platform than the other engines. And I think that's going to help us a lot. We have a really robust Wii solution that a lot of other companies don't have.

The Infernal Engine in action.
The Infernal Engine in action.

GS: Do you foresee Infernal's Wii toolset as being one of your big advantages?

JK: Yeah, absolutely. I think, on the Wii platform, there are a lot of engines available. But I think the Infernal Engine has got the visual fidelity beat as far as the other solutions out there. We provide a lot of lighting and multitexturing that you just don't see with the other engines. And it really brings the Wii visually pretty close to the next-gen platforms, which we think is fantastic.

The Ghostbusters Wii version that's being done at Red Fly, I think when that comes out, will really show the world what the Infernal Engine is capable of on the platform. Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars, which SouthPeak used it for, has already shipped on Wii as well. That got a lot of critical praise for its graphics.

GS: OK. So we've got Ghostbusters. We've got Mushroom Men. How many other titles are either out or in the pipeline that use the Infernal Engine?

JK: On the Wii side, we've got probably a half-dozen plus running in development on the Wii. On next-gen platforms, it's probably about as many. But most of our licensees are using the Infernal Engine for cross-platform use, because it's our strength.

GS: OK, so in terms of partners, you've got Streamline Studios, Wideload Games, Piranha, Escalation Studios, and Threewave Software? Am I missing anyone on that or not?

JK: There's Red Fly and then SpiderMonk, which is a Dallas game developer.

GS: Other than getting the message out, what do you feel your biggest challenge is, going up against the Unreals or the Gamebryos?

JK: The thing about getting into the middleware engine business is that you need to prove to the game developers out there that your technology has a really robust pipeline so they can be efficient in development. You also have to prove it has the visual fidelity and the features that you need, and then has a design methodology that fits in with what people want to use.

We feel because of the engine's cross-platformness, it really fits in with the way game development is being done nowadays. I mean, you cross-collateralize your assets as much as possible. Infernal Engine has got a big bonus there that the developers can reduce their costs, and maybe ship a platform that they wouldn't have otherwise done.

For instance, the Infernal Engine not only supports Wii, but we have great multithreading support for multiple CPU environments. So our solution runs great on the PlayStation 3 as well as the Xbox 360 and the PC. In particular, our PlayStation 3 technology is very strong.

GS: So other than Ghostbusters and your big plans for the Infernal Engine, what is next for Terminal Reality? Are you going maybe revisit any of your other old franchises like BloodRayne ? What's next for you guys?

JK: Well, obviously, I can't announce anything.

GS: Obviously.

JK: Yeah, I know. It's a bummer, isn't it?

GS: Yeah.

JK: Well, let me say that Terminal Reality is a very large independent game developer. We've been around for 15 years, so we have a ton of our own IP. We've got two game development teams as well as a separate engine licensing team.

So, of course, we'll have new projects in development all the time, of course, none of which I can talk about. But trust me, they'll be exciting.

GS: So you've got two teams. Are they working on two titles?

JK: Yes, that's correct.

GS: OK, so you guys have got this deal with Atari. That's good. But the global econopocalypse is freaking everyone out, including publishers. Have you already secured publishing deals for the two games?

JK: Oh, I can't talk about any of that stuff. But I will put it this way. I know the financial apocalypse has everyone very worried. And I think in a lot of cases, it's made the publishers rethink their strategies.

But for the older independent studios that have a really good track record like Terminal Reality, it really hasn't affected us that much. We still have a lot of potential partners, and we see the publishers are still active in signing up games. They're just being more cautious about how they're deploying their resources.

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I think Redhead Joe Kreiner needs to be GHOSTBUSTED

Avatar image for Flat_Line_____

Chris_555_TK Posted Apr 5, 2009 7:56 pm ET They sure do use the word "So" a lot when trying to start or change a subject. Gotta love PR talk ----------------------------------------------------------------------- LOL, I have wanted to point that out for years now. I just never bothered to post about it, I dunno why but it bugs the hell outta me. Just makes all of those guys seem like carbon copies of one another. Or the PR school they all went to needs to add a few more approaches to the "Introducing a new game to the press" segment.

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video works for me Jedilink109--what browser are you using?

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Oh and by the way, I LOVED the Guitar Hero and Call Of Duty quip. That was hilarious.

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Yeah thanks for the "video" at the end. It doesn't work..... I am looking forward to this game though. I've loved Ghostbusters ever since I was a kid and I watched the first movie a few weeks back even. Such a great film. I also loved the show then too. Haven't seen it since then though so I really can't say if it's still a good show or not, but the movies are still awesome (1st one is better than 2 of course) and I'm so happy that the cast is all back for the game. This is going to be awesome.

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@AriotUK I think the reason he answered those questions like that was to dodge bashing Activision. Its his job to promote the game not to entice a war with one of the largest publishers in the world. They may want to work with them later or license the Infernal Engine to them. Burn no bridges!

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I can't wait for this.

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@GodsPoison Good Memories man Good ones! lol

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Multiple CPU's are, for the record, overrated.

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tor ripped off my article set-up! that's how i set up my blogs on this site. you bastard.

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They say the internal engine can use multithreading accross multiple CPU, if the developers use it right the AI can be awesome and challenging

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JK: It was a choice on Activision's part. I think Bobby Kotick came out and said that it just didn't fit the business model they were looking for. GS: So it didn't involve Guitar Hero or Call of Duty, eh? JK: Well, they're looking for titles that they can continue to franchise year-over-year. And to be honest, we really feel that Ghostbusters is one of those titles. He didn't really get that prod, did he? And then: JK: Well, they're looking for titles that they can continue to franchise year-over-year. And to be honest, we really feel that Ghostbusters is one of those titles. GS: It could even be made into a movie or animated TV series…. JK: Yes. Anyway... That was also completely lost on him as well. Tor, great potential for an interview there, let down by someone who has no real clue about the game.VP of Marketing? A part time game designer would have provided better information.

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I really hope this is good.

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They sure do use the word "So" a lot when trying to start or change a subject. Gotta love PR talk

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This is gonna be an awesome nostalgic punch to the face :D

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Yeah, I agree with Bloodmist, I still have Nocturne and actually played it again not too long ago. And it still holds up today, Great game too. And it looks like they are actually gonne do the Ghostbusters license some justice as well. I just hope you get to roll around in the Ecto 1 from time to time. :D

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I used to have ALL the ghostbuster toys, the Ecto1 car with actual ambulace sounds, the firestation GB headquarters, i even had the life size protopack with light and sound! God i wish i still had all that stuff, look at how much id have to pay on ebay to get it all back!!

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"the Wii side of things..." "then, when it comes to next-gen systems"

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Well with Dan here it should be good. To comment below I know :( No Rick

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*sigh* Rick Moranis isn't here.

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Is it going to have an opening and ending theme like the movies? Lol, this game is going to be great.

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looks awesome,

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Oh shnaps, WHO YA' GONNA CALL...GHOSTBUSTER!!! Oh man, I think I need a tissue.

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I've been a Ghostbuster fan since Christ was a cowboy, it's my fav movie of all time and cartoon series as a child. All GB fans have waited far too long for this. It sure looks like an awesome game. I think this was a huge mistake for Activision to drop this and couldn't be happier that Atari picked it up.

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i can't wait 2 months away until the game comes out 360 all the way!

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I hope this game works fine

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From what I've seen of this game, it is looking great! I am also among the many fans of the film, "GhostBusters." I also enjoy quite a few of Harold Ramis' films, and his take on comedy. With most of the original casts members from the film, and the directing prowess of Mr. Ramis, I believe gamers, and fans of the movie, will feel that this game will truely encapsulate the essence of the films. I do hope that the "Infernal Engine" is more than just hype. I would also like to note from this article what Terminal Reality VP of Sales, Joe Kreiner, said, "In particular, our PlayStation 3 technology is very strong." It is nice to hear of developers, like Terminal Reality, finally taking on the developing capabilities of the PS3.

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Honestly, I care about a Bloodrayne 3; not ripping things from the past and trying to redo them or use, such as Ghostbusters, because people have no imagination/talent anymore and care about making money rather than the artform that is Movies/Video Games. Dont tell me that Video games will soon have the "remakeitis" that hollywood has seemed to taken to a horrible disgusting level of retardation.

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I'll end up getting this, but i'm not impressed with the character models at all. I hope those aren't prerendered cut scenes, because if they are they look terrible.

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I'm still on the fence about this game considering the lack of split-screen multiplayer for the 360 and PS3. This should have been included from the first mention of a Ghost Buster video game.

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I wouldn't be worried about not selling enough games since it is based off of the one of the best comedies ever made. The game play looks fun enough to get people to at least try it even if they don't want to purchase right away. I thought Rick Moranis was going to be absent as well? Maybe that info came from the wrong source, but it would be great to see him in it.

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Terminal Reality has always been a very underrated developer to me, i found Bloodrayne 1 and 2 to be very enjoyable action games that still do things no other game has done(like being able to play the entire game in slow motion if you choose to, and man, lemme tell ya, the body parts of 50 nazis being chopped off and flying all over the place is like a ballet), and they also have a couple of extremely underrated survival horror games called Nocturne and Blair Witch Volume 1, which had insanely high tech engines for the time that did lighting and shadows like no other, in addition to fun combat and a cool 1920's-1930's setting.So, they could definitely make this a game that lives up to the Ghostbusters name.Still on the fence a bit about it though, but we will see.

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"our PlayStation 3 technology is very strong." ps3 is very strong

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Iunno, about graphics, the Quantum 3 engine used by HVS in The Conduit I think is going to look better, but I'll still be trying out Ghostbusters. It better have a very liberal amount of the theme song used, though, or else...

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the Wii version has been created together with the PS2 version???? I have a baaaaaaaad feeling about this ...

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Gotta get this game.

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I ain't afraid of no ghost

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I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this title.

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I can't wait for this. Getting it on PS3 first and if it's a big difference in gameplay for the Wii, I might get it for that too.

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This game's been in development for almost a decade. It better live up to the hype. In the meantime, MAME and the arcade version from Data East. That one is good, too.

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Oh and when i said "...Crapping myself" I meant... Metaphorically

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Remember watching this when I was seven and crapping myself. So cheesy, probably give the game a miss.

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Ghostbusters on the PS3. Cant wait.

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Can't wait for it to come out on 360.

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please god- give me more bloodrayne!!!!! gb looks great though- definitely gunna buy!

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i will buy the wii version

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I can't wait for this game, it's going to be great!

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@tmorri603 I'm with you about Bloodrayne I would love to see a new installment! I haven't seen the 2nd movie, but the first was kind of a let down. I like the cast pretty much, but they should have went with a whole different bunch for the production. Oh yeah GB..the game looks awesome. Alyssa Milano..Veerryy nice! I love how he just shoved her down when the others walked in LOL.

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