Q1 games to slip further into 2010 - Ubisoft CEO

Yves Guillemot says "some publishers" will likely move releases out of "crazy" first quarter, does not name names.


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
I Am Alive
Red Steel 2

The past few months have seen 2009's once-dense game herd drastically thinned by the delays of MAG, Starcraft II, Singularity, BioShock 2, Mafia II, Red Dead Redemption, Bayonetta, Dead to Rights: Retribution, Dark Void, and now Super Mario Galaxy 2 into next year. Now, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot is saying 2010 itself is becoming overcrowded.

 Splinter Cell: Conviction hasn't been pinned to a specific release date yet.
Splinter Cell: Conviction hasn't been pinned to a specific release date yet.

"Well, we now have a situation where there are a lot of good games due for release in the first half of next year, but I think some publishers will move again," Guillemot told British Magazine MCV. "The first quarter of 2010 is looking pretty crazy. So I expect some movement from the other players--some of those delayed games will be moved again.”

Guillemot knows a thing or two about high-profile delays. Four of his company's top 2009 releases--Red Steel 2, I Am Alive, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and the next Ghost Recon--were moved into 2010. And although he didn't address the prospect of his own company's games being pushed back further, he did explain why one--the long-awaited Conviction--didn't make this year's cut.

"The game itself still would have been good, even a great game. But we want it to be an excellent game, because the other games coming out are getting better all the time," explained the executive. "So we said: why not? If we can delay it and benefit then that's a good thing. Plus there are loads of great games coming out this side of Christmas. … But the truth is, Splinter Cell wasn't at the point we wanted."

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    Avatar image for mull20641

    wtf, all the links lead the wrong way

    Avatar image for HardWired94

    Not too bothered - like he said, there are a ton of good games coming out Q1 2010 (Dark Void, Dead Rising 2, Mass Effect 2 etc), so people will have plenty to play in the meantime.

    Avatar image for wiidsduelpack

    Doesn't surprise me Nintendo will delay their games. Just look at their supply with the Wii and the ds lite when they debuted. Nintendo is the #1 company, but other companies changing their release dates is just plain awful.

    Avatar image for awais2005

    they r as****** it is already more than 2 years now i want it now

    Avatar image for mrvercetti91

    yeah for real woods0419, i've been waiting for splinter cell for YEARS...

    Avatar image for brendanhunt1

    january. february, march

    Avatar image for Wwfl

    @kvan33 wats q1

    Avatar image for woods0419

    They certainly don't need to delay Splinter Cell again.... enough is enough. When was that game first supposed to come out? I know at least 2 years ago...

    Avatar image for kvan33

    As long as Mass Effect 2 comes out in Q1 I'm good.

    Avatar image for guled29

    awesome game ! can wait 4 it

    Avatar image for pete_merlin

    just gimmie either splinter cell or bioshock 2 in Q1 and i wont complain

    Avatar image for Commando6382

    star craft 2 is going to take forever! and then you have to pay 60 bucks! for the first one game rip off! theres like twelve units in each faction!

    Avatar image for Argle

    long as Bioshock 2 and Mass effect 2 are ready come Q1 2010 and dont get delayed again, im happy

    Avatar image for Valen_Ca

    Hey, maybe this means that there will be a decent amount good late spring and summer releases this year.

    Avatar image for blkstr89

    i swear if AC2 is delayed.....modern warfare 2 is gonna meet my fist

    Avatar image for brendanhunt1

    blame COD

    Avatar image for Rummy500

    Please not Mass effect 2, Please not Mass effect 2, Please not Mass effect 2, AH! I know it will make it better but nooo!

    Avatar image for cocomacoco

    Guillermot is a nice guy, he really recognizes the competition and the good IPs coming up, unlikely some delussional Dark Fright from a company Called Actifiction, is that what is called?, lol

    Avatar image for CTR360

    i hate delayed games conviction alan wake this games are finished not coming this year because developers dont have good marketing

    Avatar image for Xobeee

    yea i dont mind the delays as it gives me time to save up for the next batch of great games..............plus i can finish the games coming out

    Avatar image for usmannaseer

    i dont mind the delays if they do it to improve on the game.......but as a gamer i am so far dissappointed in 2009 because only a handful of games came out this year which were actually worth buying.......

    Avatar image for Korrupt_Soul

    This makes sense.. Just look at all the great games coming out in Q1 alone. It's Too much all at once. Some of the games I'm looking forward to in Q1 are.. MAG,Dante's Inferno,Heavy Rain, GOW3, and Bonk. If one or two games gets pushed back I figure all the better. At least I'll have something to look forward to!

    Avatar image for Enterprise-E

    Developers and Publishers needs to learn to spread there games out instead of releasing 3 AAA titles all in one season. I mean look at this Holiday season. While awesome as it may be; not everyone will be able to buy every game that comes out this holiday season. Especially with each title being 60 bucks a pop. Releasing games in the summer months is perfect for well known titles and new titles. Look at MGS4 for example. It was released in June and to my knowledge had no competition because it was the only AAA title being released in the summer. Not only do devs and publishers benefit from that but they also get the extra holiday sale. Its a win win in my opinion.

    Avatar image for drokmore

    Man it blizzard delays starcraft II any longer, we're not going to see Diablo 3 until 2012, sigh...

    Avatar image for SkidRow18

    Can't wait for 2010 to come, need to start saving money....

    Avatar image for killerfox39967

    The problem with this is that next year will be even crazier. Publishers need to man up and fight the competition.

    Avatar image for SquareEnixFan13

    All I'm interested in is I Am Alive!

    Avatar image for green_dominator

    This is getting insane.....Almost every time I go into Gamestop I get asked, Any reserves? I still reply, All the games I really want is coming out next year...... Mainly I want to play Mass Effect 2 and Rage.... This year's Halo 3: ODST looks amazing, Forza 3 and Perfect Dark XBLA all look good too...... All I can say of any dev who has a game release pushed into next year, Good Luck to you, I hope everything works out for ya....

    Avatar image for toadman682000

    lmao, no game is going to come out ever at this rate :D

    Avatar image for DoUFolksLikCofe

    COME ON! me want my Dark Void! Almost everything else id expect- and i dont mind- but that game was suppose to come out november of this year! ive been in wanting sience January! -sigh- it will be better for it i guess.... -head>WALL-

    Avatar image for Grovilis

    , for one am vary happy that they're taking their time on this game. If it was my decision, I would want them to work on the game until 2011!! lol. Although it'll be hard for me, I try to be as as patient as possible......(twitch)

    Avatar image for Pyroninja42

    It would be totally gay if Borderlands gets delayed again for whatever reason.

    Avatar image for xboxer36018

    I am actually glad about the delays. The first Q1 of 2010 would have made me go broke.

    Avatar image for DarthPlush

    @MetallicFPSNut: Really? Because RPG games and FPS games have so much in common, EVERYONE is avoiding MW2. Yeah. Right.

    Avatar image for Ivory-Dynamite

    Splinter Cell Conviction Has been set for March 28th 2010 hasn't it that's the date all the game stores have it at.So what the point of pre ordering a game if they keep pushing them back,grow a pair a set a date fool's

    Avatar image for drangel_jam

    if they are trying to make conviction as good as chaos theory (compared to its momentum) i don't blame them. ill be patient.

    Avatar image for darkcomedian

    I will burst into tears if I hear Dante's Inferno gets pushed back.

    Avatar image for maverick_76

    Hate to hear this, but as always we see that some publishers take the extra time and capitalize with it and it shows with the final product. But others don't and that shows as well, more than we like to admit it.

    Avatar image for Sepewrath

    Galaxy 2 was never due out in 2009, but yeah I expect a number of the delayed games to see another delay, because the more and more titles were moved to Q1 next year, they just created another Q4 situation.

    Avatar image for TheGravy02

    Don't statistics say that gamers play most in the summer? I know that's what I do. In the fall, I'm in college so I don't have the time. New games are very rarely released May-August, and from my experience the games that decide to, are successful.

    Avatar image for supercrazyhorse

    As long as Mass Effect 2 doesn't get delayed, I'm good.

    Avatar image for puffadell

    not again

    Avatar image for shadowysea07

    i think their trying to avoid ff since it has the *** release this dec and then the american release in the sping

    Avatar image for SaintRasmus

    I think that he is talking about all the Ubisoft games there is gonna be delayed. Just wait and see. !! Why do all the games have to be released in Marts, why not January,February or April

    Avatar image for AlmightyMax

    If Splinter Cell gets another delay I will cry.

    Avatar image for MetallicFPSNut

    @yankeefanboy13 It actually seems to be just one game that all the publishers are avoiding w/ delays... Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    Avatar image for mikeyvp87

    This is as shocking as waking up at 10am and seeing the sun in the sky

    Avatar image for Ice_man_1985

    alan wake, mass effect 2, mafia 2, heavy rain, singularity, GOW 3, conviction, AVP and bayoneta. well maybe i can afford these games, but a lot of people can't and i bet most of us will be confused which game we will play, so im sorry to say that im a little bit happy about the delay. it would be great if they can manage to group the games for all 2010 quarters, because it will balance the whole year, so imagine playing all those games in the first quarter, then what will happen after that you will wait for a new ip to come out. think about it

    Avatar image for jjjrrr11211


    Avatar image for brian_13un

    OK can't wait ^_^

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