Puzzle Quest 3 Coming This Year To PC, Mobile

Just a week after 505 Games acquired the Puzzle Quest studio, it's announced a new Puzzle Quest game coming later this year.


Just a week after acquiring Puzzle Quest developer Infinity Plus Two, 505 Games has announced a sequel is on the way. Puzzle Quest 3 is coming as a free-to-play game later this year. The announcement only mentioned PC and mobile, but said additional platforms will be announced at a future date.

505 Games says that Puzzle Quest 3 will include the traditional match-3 gameplay mixed with RPG mechanics and a high-fantasy story that takes place 500 years after the original Puzzle Quest. You'll journey across Etheria to unlock the mystery behind the dying words of an ancient Red Dragon. But it will feature a twist on the classic with a battle system set in a 3D game world.

"After an overwhelming demand from fans over the past decade for the next installment of Puzzle Quest, we're thrilled to finally reveal the development of Puzzle Quest 3," Infinity Plus Two CEO Steve Fawkner, in the announcement. "The vision for this latest project has been years in the making, and like any good Puzzle Quest game, it's a delicate balance of gameplay, story, and strategic puzzle-solving while introducing something unexpected that will appeal to both old and new fans. We can't wait to share PQ3."

The original Puzzle Quest recently returned with a remastered remake on Nintendo Switch. Infinity Plus Two also released Gems of War, a F2P strategy game that uses similar mechanics to Puzzle Quest.

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