Puzzle Quest 2 adventures to XBLA

Xbox Live Update: Infinite Interactive's genre-fusing title hits digital marketplace alongside Games on Demand releases Tomb Raider Underworld, Command & Conquer Red Alert.

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Following up last week's hefty release schedule with a similarly weighty week on Xbox Live isn't going to happen. Infinite Interactive's latest Puzzle Quest hits Xbox Live Arcade this week, sitting next to two Games on Demand titles, and not much more.

One of the more prominent releases this week is Infinite Interactive's Puzzle Quest 2, which hits June 30 for 1,200 Microsoft points, or $15. Similar to Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, the game fuses puzzle elements with strategy, role-playing mechanics, and gem-matching to simulate the game's combat.

The game board has changed, but the gem-matching theme remains.
The game board has changed, but the gem-matching theme remains.

Also hitting XBLA on June 30 is Ancients of Ooga (800 MS points, or $10) from J. Kentworthy Entertainment. The platformer has players trekking through fantastical environments, internalizing foodstuffs, and violently regurgitating said consumables, if the player so chooses.

Switching to the Games on Demand front, Microsoft added two new full games to the store this week. The first is the action adventure game Tomb Raider: Underworld (1,600 MS points, or $19.99). In the game, players strap into the boots of Lara Croft and explore lush jungles, cavernous tombs, underwater refuges, and more.

The other Games on Demand addition this week is Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Electronic Arts' futuristic strategy game is available for 1,600 MS points, or $19.99.

Added to the Avatar marketplace this week will be Crackdown 2 gear. Microsoft did not provide details outside of the gear's existence, saying only that it will arrive July 1, which is five days before the game comes to retail.

The above listing is Microsoft's current download schedule. It is subject to change. All content may not be available in all Xbox Live regions.

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