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Puzzle Fighter II, Tekken 5 Online on PSN

Sony's online store updated with Capcom's puzzle fighter and add-on for Namco Bandai's brawler; demos for Tiger Woods 08, NASCAR 08, and All-Pro Football 2K8.


Earlier this week on the PlayStation Network, Sony released from its cage Incognito's online-focused action game Warhawk, which was met with solid reviews. Bolstering that release schedule, Sony has updated the PSN with a bevy of new content as part of its weekly update.

In June, Namco Bandai revealed that it would be adding an online battle mode to the PlayStation 3 version of its precision-based fighter Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. Today, the Japanese publisher revealed that the online update is now available for purchase through the PlayStation Network. In addition to online multiplayer matches and rankings, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online adds practice and survival single-player modes. For those who already own Dark Resurrection, the update will cost $9.99. The full version of the game now runs for $29.99 and is rated T for Teen.

Capcom's Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix also lands on the PSN this week. A redux of the arcade original, SPFIITHDR remasters the gem-busting puzzle game with new visual effects for the gem icons and backgrounds. It also updates the game's graphics to support 1080p output. Players can spar against the CPU in single-player mode or drop gems online in ranked and friendly matches. The game also features worldwide rankings and leaderboards. SPFIITHDR is downloadable for $9.99 and is rated E for Everyone.

For cash-conscious gamers, and those who just like free stuff, Sony has also added a number of demos to the PSN this week. Sports fans looking to try before they buy will be happy to know that samples for EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 and NASCAR 08, as well as 2K Sports' All-Pro Football 2K8, are all available for download. Rounding out this week's free updates are two Heavenly Sword videos, trailers for Game Republic's Folklore and Codemasters' Clive Barker's Jericho, and movie trailers for Beowulf and Bee Movie.

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