Puzzle Bobble Pocket Hands-On

Taito's Bub and Bob are coming to the PSP with their bubble launcher in tow.


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TOKYO--At this point, it's pretty much expected that if there's a platform that is capable of running Puzzle Bobble--also known as Bust-A-Move--Taito will eventually fulfill the prophecy and put its popular puzzle game onto that platform. With its speedy processor and 1.8 gigabyte UMD format, Sony's PSP is more than capable of running Puzzle Bobble. So, as you might expect, a version of the game is already in the works.

The version of Puzzle Bobble Pocket shown at the Tokyo Game Show is only 50 percent complete, but it already has the gameplay side of things down. Like the other games in the series, you launch colored balls from the bottom of the screen up at a collection of balls stuck to the top of your well. When three or more of the same balls connect, they pop and fall from the pit. You can alter the angle of your launch using the D pad or, for more precise movement, the L and R triggers will move the launcher one click at a time.

Graphically, Puzzle Bobble Pocket is sufficient, but it's not exactly the most impressive example of the PSP's capabilities. Additionally, the game doesn't have any modes beyond the standard mode of play, but those will likely come as the game's development continues.

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