Puzzle Agent cracking open Telltale Pilot Program

Professor Layton-style adventure set to kick off studio's new publishing platform in June for WiiWare, PC, iPhone, iPad.

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Telltale has just started up the latest season of its popular episodic adventure series Sam & Max, but that's not all the studio will be bringing to market over the next couple of months. Today, the company announced Puzzle Agent, a brain-teasing adventure game slated to arrive in June for WiiWare, PC, iPhone, and iPad.

Not unlike Level 5's Professor Layton franchise, Puzzle Agent sees players assuming the role of a crack detective who travels to the Fargo-esque town of Scoggins, Minnesota, to investigate why the local rubber eraser plant has halted manufacturing. While there, the detective happens upon a strangely sinister mystery, as well as more than a few off-kilter citizens.

What an impressive moose ear!
What an impressive moose ear!

Puzzle Agent also features the art aesthetic of cartoonist and animator Graham Annable. The artist is the creator of the Grickle cartoon volume and is a frequent contributor to the Hickee humor anthology.

Puzzle Agent will be the lead release for Telltale's new Pilot Program. Though the developer hasn't fully fleshed details of this program, Telltale did say that it will serve as a publishing platform for game makers to create more experimental titles.

For more information, check out GameSpot's first look at Puzzle Agent.

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