Pursuit Force sequel announced

Extreme Justice heads to both the PSP and PS2 platforms; Sony adds a host of new features.


Bigbig Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will be giving gamers the chance to take part in more car combat, with a second title in its PlayStation Portable Pursuit Force franchise--and this one will feature multiplayer modes, as well as a version for the PlayStation 2.

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice has been given a summer 2007 European release date for both formats and will feature a "Hollywood-inspired" storyline. A four-player Wi-Fi mode has been added for the PSP edition, along with a two-player split-screen multiplayer mode for the PS2.

The first Pursuit Force, released exclusively for the PSP in 2005, cast gamers as the only member of a newly formed police department chasing criminals through Capital City and bringing them to justice by, among other things, jumping across moving vehicles.

In the sequel, two new gangs are turning Capital City into a war zone--The Raiders, who specialise in staging ambushes and striking hard and fast, and The Syndicate, a gang of professional bank robbers who will use any means necessary to obtain their illicit prizes.

There will also be a new "heavy-handed" rival arm of the police force called the Viper division to contend with. New gameplay features include bigger vehicles to jump between, such as tanks, trains, and an aeroplane.

The player will also be joined this time around by four new recruits in Pursuit Force--Sarah (air support), Gage (high-speed support), Ash (special ops), and Preach (heavy assault). These characters will support and interact with the player, providing assistance and repartee throughout the game.

A variety of vehicles will be available to play with, including a bike and sidecar, jet skis, a helicopter, and a hovercraft. Players will also be able to step outside and take out bad guys on foot.

Other features include a "Justice Bar" which, when used, will allow the player to regain strength and prolong a mission, and the game will ship with three difficulty levels.

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