Purple Moon Rises

By targeting games for young girls, Purple Moon hopes to make its mark.


Purple Moon isn't the first gaming company to target young female gamers, nor is it the first to start going for the niche audiences that some analysts say will form the future of gaming. However, it is hoping to offer girls between the ages of 8-12 "friendship adventures" that promise to be innovative and different from other software adventures on the market.

The newcomer's E3 offerings are based on four years of research - on play patterns, technology, gender differences, and even primate behavior - and introduce character-hosted and narrated online entertainment experiences.

The company's first three titles introduce two brand-new series, Rockett and Secret Paths. Players direct the characters through true-to-life adventure plots, which feature elements that range from relationships and socializing to secrets and dreams. Rockett Movado is a new girl at Whistling Pines Junior High in Rockett's New School, the first title in the series. Rockett's Tricky Decision is the second title in the series, set to ship early next year, and it will take up where the first game left off. Every package includes a small action figure and collectable cards.

Secret Paths in the Forest is the first title in the second series, in which a girls-only tree house provides a space for girls to talk about life questions. They explore landscapes and solve puzzles to collect stones with hidden messages, and hear tales from around the world that help them put their own experiences into a larger context. Every package includes collectible cards and three stones representing love, confidence, and creativity.

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