Purge Jihad beta opens

Purge Jihad Beta 5 Build available in a 15MB download.


Purge Jihad

For owners of Purge, released earlier this year, the Purge Jihad Expansion Pack Beta 5 Build 1.8D is now available.

This is the first open beta of Jihad, and it is intended to fix drone crash bugs and offer a number of additional skills and weapons. However, other Purge Jihad features, such as the deities, altars, the new prayer system, and new maps, are not in this beta. According to developer Freeform Interactive, the new weapons and skills, such as the UA-12 drone, need extensive balancing and are the focus of this beta.

Purge Jihad will be released on September 30.

The download is available from GameSpot via the link below.

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