Punch King ships to stores

An arcade boxing game for the Game Boy Advance has made its way to retail.


Acclaim announced today that it has shipped Punch King for the Game Boy Advance to stores. An arcade boxing game, Punch King will feature 12 fighters, each with his own fighting styles, attributes, theme music, and arenas. There are two gameplay modes, including career mode, in which players win fight purses and purchase new combos or special moves, as well as survival mode, in which they fight every fighter in the game in hopes of becoming punch king. The game will also include color commentary.

"Punch King features great arcade boxing action and gameplay, which will appeal to a broad audience," said Evan Stein, vice president of brand marketing. "Boxing continues to be very popular among gamers, and we're thrilled to add this game to our sports lineup."

Punch King will retail for $29.99. Look for our full review of the game, which is coming soon.

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