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PUBG's Vaulting Will Change The Game "Severely," Creator Says

Playerunknown himself speaks about the vaulting system and more


One of the next new features coming to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is vaulting. This will change the game in a big way, Playerunknown himself, Brendan Greene, said during a panel at PAX Aus today in Melbourne. Speaking during a panel in the GameSpot Theatre, Greene said, "vaulting will change the game severely."

He added that vaulting was not originally in the cards for PUBG. "We designed this massive world and didn't think about vaulting," he said. "The world isn't built to be vaulted around."

Greene added that he thinks it will be "interesting" to see what happens when vaulting goes live in PUBG. He said he anticipates that, due to the unfinished and unpolished nature of PUBG, that you might see wild things like people getting launched into the air like Superman as a result of the new vaulting mechanic.

Speaking to GameSpot after the panel, Greene said Bluehole never anticipated how successful PUBG would become. So vaulting was never planned. Vaulting was left out of the initial Early Access launch because Greene thought it was not critically important to the overall experience. But now Bluehole is ready to add it, starting next week for testers, he told us today. Players can expect a Battlefield-like level of smoothness as it relates to how the vaulting feels, Greene said. "I'm excited to see how it changes the game," he said.

Also during the panel, Greene confirmed that there is a lore behind PUBG. When he came up with the idea for the main island, he also wrote lore for it. However, Greene did not share any details about this during the panel. [We interviewed Greene today about the game's lore and more; read part one of our interview here]

Greene said during an AMA that Bluehole is considering a single-player mode for PUBG. It could be here that PUBG's lore comes to light.

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